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    Analytics company GlobalWebIndex, who gathers data from an international panel drawn from survey companies such as YouGov, Lightspeed Research and GMI, has reported on the results of their Q3 survey.

    They predict Windows Phone users are estimated to rocket to 68.26 million users this year, passing Blackberry, who will drop to 62.56 million users. While Android will hit 708 million users this year, followed by the iPhone at 233 million and the iPad at 165.72 million users.

    This would make Windows Phone users around 10% of Android users and 30% of iPhone users.

    Here is the detailed breakdown of the numbers.



    Source: https://www.globalwebindex.net/mobile-operating-systems
    10-25-2013 12:19 PM
  2. DBDev's Avatar
    I hope it will be that good, or even better
    10-25-2013 12:23 PM
  3. abel920's Avatar
    This is just the beginning. The impending rise of Microsoft is on the horizon. Apple beware, Google hide under your ad table.
    10-25-2013 12:56 PM
  4. outback15's Avatar
    But there is always the difficulty of penetrating the US market because of carrier restrictions. Just like the recent action of Att on the Lumia 1520. Nokia creates a very desirable product only to be stripped of features by Att. Seems to me like a mild conspiracy going around to prevent Winphones from flourishing in the US market. It also looks like Nokia is changing tactics by releasing new devices earlier in regions where they are stronger, Europe, MiddleEast, India, Southeast Asia. The choice of AbuDhabi as the venue for Nokia World is one indicator.
    10-25-2013 02:09 PM

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