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    Not sure where to stick this question. Just got my mother in law a Surface 2. She is currently using iCloud for email, contacts, and calendar. I want to move her off of iCloud completely and have her use Outlook.com and the native apps on the Surface 2. Is there an easy way to get her data out of iCloud and into her Outlook.com account? I considered trying to sync desktop outlook on the Surface 2 with iCloud, export the data, then import it to Outlook.com. I also tried to export her contacts which put them in vCard format. Outlook.com won't import that format. Tried converting the vCard file to a CSV file and that also wouldn't import. Suggestions would be appreciated.
    12-01-2013 04:56 PM
  2. HeyCori's Avatar
    Have you tried adding an account using the RT Mail app? There's an option to add IMAP accounts.
    12-01-2013 09:11 PM
  3. mcraine's Avatar
    I've made mail work in the RT Mail App but don't get contacts and calendar. I'm going to set up a profile in Outlook desktop and export from there and move her completely over to Outlook.com. I think in the long run that's the better solution.
    12-02-2013 09:33 AM
  4. rdubmu's Avatar
    I would export it to Gmail, then export it to Outlook. This is what I had to do for my wife

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    12-02-2013 09:36 AM

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