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    Every company large and small has to deal with customer complaints at some point for either products or service. Its an emotional experience as people have sometimes invested a lot of money (whatever that is) in something that doesn't perform as expected. They say that for every bad experience another 10 customers are lost and in todays internet connected world its much larger than that, just take a look at the forums and you will see what i mean.

    However, I like to see MS develop, innovate and take the fight to Apple and Google so this thread is to assist in refining the customer service experience from OUR perspective..their customers.

    In the past I have been on to customer support for up to 30 hours over 2 weeks trying to sort an issue out which I had identified and had to jump through the same hoops several times for no reason. Lack of communication or the customer service agents are not taking notes on the calls.

    The ONE company that I just love and am committed to due to their quite frankly AMAZING customer service is Logitech......I had a z5500 surround system and it blew after 6 months..result? they shipped me a new one..a complete system!....fast forward a few years and I have the 5500 mouse and keyboard combo....mouse button died, result? They shipped me a new keyboard and mouse...so i have 2 systems ( I bought a spare component from ebay) and 2 keyboards! Fast, efficient and exceed expectations rather than make me FEEL as if I have an uphill struggle that may or may not result in a resolution.
    12-09-2013 06:21 AM
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    That is a much more complicated matter than it seems. Most companies do not run their own CS centers. They contract that work out to either local or overseas firms. Going that route ultimately results in loosing some, if not a lot of control over the CS process. Could they bring that work in-house, yes. Would it happen, no. The way businesses are run today is to outsource every function that does not directly relate to a company's core business.

    You must remember when dealing with CS people they are likely making a low wage at some s&%*&y employer and end of the day don't give a damm about you. When you have irrate people screaming into your ear all of the time it all becomes the same song and dance.

    You also don't have to be overly-polite either. They will see right through that. Just be cool and treat them like people. You will likely find you get better results that way.
    12-09-2013 08:51 AM
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    Microsoft should train there customer care representative. I mean today i asked how could i send a videos msg in Skype on window phone 8. He gave instruction for windows pc version.

    I just closed the browser and "god bless that guy"

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    12-13-2013 01:02 PM

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