1. Sasakinator's Avatar
    So I'm leaving my sprint service for a more cheaper plan (i.e. Straight Talk $45 or $35 T-Mobile prepaid). So I'm leaving the Android OS and coming back to Windows as that is my most favorable experience of all three majors OS's. But, I don't have much after paying my etf and was looking into some WP7 and WP8 devices. But from what I see there are many to choose from ever since I left my HD7 in March 2013. I was looking for a WP with a big screen and decent storage (if possible expandable) and can't go above my $250 limit. Any thoughts?
    01-10-2014 01:09 AM
  2. Paul May's Avatar
    Obviously its hard to recommend a phone since I don't know what you use your phone for, but I would recommend either a 520 or 521. They are low end phones but have expandable storage and run really smoothly. The 520 is the most popular windows phone in the world right now.
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    01-10-2014 01:14 AM
  3. Sasakinator's Avatar
    Well I use the phone on average for music and web browsing. The Lumia 5xx are pretty sweet, however I found myself fumbling the phone with my big hands hahaha. BTW is there any sort of place where they offer some backplates for these models? A friend of mine has been on the hunt for some.
    01-10-2014 01:16 AM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I definitely would say that you should avoid any WP7 devices. Those are obsolete and will not get any further updates and will not get most new apps. All of the current WP8 devices will get any new updates. Most people still using WP7 devices are only doing so due to being stuck in contracts.
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    01-10-2014 01:49 AM
  5. Muessig's Avatar
    If you have bigger hands you've got the choice of any of the 4.5" models, so the 720, 820, 920 and 1020 and if you're looking for something bigger, think about the 625, 1320 or 1520. There's not a bad model out there, but undoubtedly one of these will suit your specific needs more than any other. Welcome back!
    01-10-2014 01:59 AM
  6. Cryio's Avatar
    Since you want an inexpensive device but with a big screen your best bet is the L625.

    As far as price goes, 520<525<620<820<720=625 (heavily dependent on region<920<925.
    01-10-2014 02:32 AM
  7. jojoe42's Avatar
    If you're after a big screen, I'd recommend either the 625, 1320 or 1520 (on-contract) - all three have expandable storage and all of them shouldn't make too much of a dent in your pocket
    01-10-2014 02:37 AM
  8. freestaterocker's Avatar
    If you're willing to entertain the notion of buying a *gasp* non-Nokia, the Samsung Ativ S packs a 4.8" 720p screen, expandable storage, and stellar battery life into a sleek, one-handable AND easily pocketable package, and can be found brand new and unlocked for $250 or less in several places on the net. I love mine. I wanted a Nokia but my HD7 croaked on me just after the manufacturer warranty expired, and I was stuck getting what was available only my carrier due to financial constraints. It is hands down the best device I've ever owned, and also IMO the most underrated handset in the WP8 lineup.
    01-10-2014 03:01 AM
  9. Sasakinator's Avatar
    Where can i find a samsung ativ s in the US?
    01-11-2014 12:33 AM
  10. Panathas's Avatar
    The Nokia apps are so good, I wouldn't buy a non Nokia WP cause of them

    Sent from my Lumia 1020 using Tapatalk
    01-12-2014 03:30 PM
  11. Edward_g's Avatar
    If you can find a Nokia Lumia 822
    you'd be happy. It's solid as a rock,
    expandable storage, NFC for wireless charging etc. (optional back) and a nice size and feel. Good luck!
    01-12-2014 03:47 PM
  12. martan1981#WN's Avatar
    NFC for wireless charging, Lol. You definitely know what you are saying man.
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    01-12-2014 03:57 PM
  13. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Where can i find a samsung ativ s in the US?
    There is the Ativ S Neo, on sprint.
    01-12-2014 04:02 PM
  14. MDak280's Avatar
    Where can i find a samsung ativ s in the US?
    You should be able to find it on eBay or Amazon unlocked, which will work on T-Mobile prepaid or Straight Talk. You might not get the fastest data speeds but it'll work just fine.
    01-12-2014 04:13 PM
  15. Byrese's Avatar
    If budget is a concern you could get one of the larger screen phones used on eBay. I've bought several from there and no complaints.
    01-12-2014 04:17 PM
  16. Edward_g's Avatar
    NFC for wireless charging, Lol. You definitely know what you are saying man.
    Thanks, I know! LoL!
    01-12-2014 04:28 PM
  17. Sasakinator's Avatar
    So many reccomendations! Thanks guys! I was looking into both models of the Ativ S (T899M and I8750) today and found that it will cost me an arm and a leg for the Rogers unlocked variant which supports LTE, so I'll have to stick with the HSPA+ variant and subscribe myself to the $30 Tmobile plan. I also checked out the refarmed network area and all of my areas are covered (most importantly school and work have 4G)! So my last question is if ordering through expansys any good or I should stick with my local Newegg and cough up an extra $50? Thoughts?
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    01-14-2014 01:15 AM
  18. freestaterocker's Avatar
    Check amazon... I've seen it for $250 factory unlocked.
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    01-17-2014 11:37 AM

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