1. Premium1's Avatar
    So I saw this Microsoft Windows Phone ad revenue less than BlackBerry, Symbian | BGR and was wondering if maybe this is what is keeping some of those developers from investing time and $$ into WP even with MS paying large payouts to bring their apps to the platform?
    01-22-2014 12:47 PM
  2. Jazmac's Avatar
    The analysis is pretty weak IMHO. Ad revenue is only part of the story. Its pretty obvious that the wider the footprint, the greater ad reach. Not all devs have the same motivations to be on a platform. Some only want to own a share of the platform. Some only want to make money. Some want to be in your personal business and some want a combination of all three. Windows Phone 8 is doing pretty well on its own so far but I suspect when 8.1 drops, we will get to see a greater footprint for Windows Phone than we see now. I have to look at how this phone has advanced from the exciting but lonesome days of Windows Phone 7 when you couldn't get a carrier to mention the name to customers. That was not that long ago. The more this platform grows, look forward to more tales of woe from BGR and google.
    01-22-2014 01:08 PM

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