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    So over a week ago I had decided to leave Boost Mobile for T-Mobile prepaid, and also to try out Windows Phone and leave Android. I ordered a Lumia 521 No-Contract T-Mobile phone from Microsoft's online Microsoft Store. After I got the phone it took a little over two days to get my number ported from Boost Mobile. Once I got my number ported I realized data was not working on the phone (except in certain places like Weather Channel app and Nokia Music app). After two full days of calling T-Mobile support a hard reset finally fixed the data issue. Thought all was working after data issue was fixed, spent a couple days using the phone and customizing all the accounts and apps, only to realize the phone couldn't receive incoming phone calls. Long story short, after two more days with T-Mobile technical support they told me the handset itself was defective and that it was not anything to do with T-Mobile. T-Mobile offered to swap it out with a refurbished unit and stated two weeks would be the soonest I would have the refurbished phone.

    I really can't go two weeks without some sort of cell phone, so I figured Microsoft Store would handle the exchange quicker and with a new replacement. First contact was chat support with MS Store who gave me the phone number to call, got a person at that number who transferred me to another department. Once transferred I was unable to speak to anyone because the automated system requires a nine digit order number, but my order number is ten digits. I then went back to MS Store support chat to tell them about the problem, and they gave me another toll free number to call. That toll free number went to the same automated menu that kicked me off without a nine digit order number or phone number (order was placed online and not over phone). Went back to support via chat and was told I needed to go to the Microsoft Windows Phone support page. Went to that page and had a nice long chat with that representative where he said that Windows Phone support absolutely doesn't handle returns and to go back to Microsoft Store support. Bounced back three more times between those two support pages, explaining politely and in full detail what I was being told by the other support people, and that I couldn't speak with anyone on any of the phone numbers given because my order number was not nine digits. That whole ordeal of phone calls and chats lasted a solid two and a half hours, and I have the chat transcripts where I am repeatedly told it's out of their control and to contact the other support site or the phone number.

    Decided to share my story with Microsoft Store's Facebook support people, and a day later got a message with a link to the Windows Phone Customer Support Portal. Sure enough I am unable to sign in because it doesn't recognize my order number. My order number appears the same in my email, and on the printed receipt that came in the box with my phone, and during one chat was told that she could verify my order number was ten digits (though she wasn't allowed to tell me the actual number).

    Anyone else have similar stories with non-existent support from Microsoft Store or is this just me? I was really trying to give Microsoft a shot by trying Windows Phone and they are blowing it so far. Also, anyone ever seen a Lumia 521 that isn't T-Mobile branded? I made sure the box said Lumia 521, and the sticker behind the battery, and on the phones settings menu agree but it does not have any T-Mobile logo on front or back of phone anywhere.
    01-29-2014 11:44 PM
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    My experience has always been good. Sorry to hear that yours wasn't.

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    01-30-2014 12:43 AM
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    My experience has been good too, even when my Surface order was delayed. I got a 50 voucher to say sorry which went towards my Xbox One :-)
    01-30-2014 10:52 AM
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    I only have had one transaction with the MS store- I got a years worth of XBOX Music from there. It was handled well.

    I am not surprised some people have problems, though. It seems the bigger the company, the harder it is to avoid getting lost in the shuffle sooner or later. When dealing with companies like Microsoft that have so many products, services, and so many different divisions it is like a maze to the employees, much less it's customers.

    Also, to my knowledge the L521 is an exclusive to T-Mobile. AT&T just uses a rebranded International L520, so you are in the clear there.

    I sincerly hope this works out for you, because WP is a great OS. I would hate for MS to lose you as a potential customer before you even had a chance to try it.
    02-04-2014 04:20 AM
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    I've recently had problems with them accepting payment. I failed to get a confirmation email or a confirmation on their site so I put in the order again, however, they ended up charging me three times total. I'm still trying to work it out with them and will probably call today. They don't have an email section, and I think that's poor on their part. The worst part is, I still haven't gotten any sort of confirmation and they've still charged me. Their payment processing is slow, and they need to improve that, as well as options for getting in touch with them.
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    02-06-2014 01:30 PM
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    I posted a thread about this in the Surface RT forum if you want to take a look. It would he easier than typing it all out ;) haha

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    02-06-2014 07:43 PM
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    Here is my bad experience with Microsoft. I am a owner of a surface rt (sent to my parents), a lumia 1020. I am not a Microsoft hater. I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with Type Keyboard 2. A few weeks ago, it started having battery issues. The unit got heated really quick and battery drains really fast. Microsoft told me that it is due to firmware update and offered me a replacement. A new surface pro 2 was sent to me with a returning shipping label with weight 1lbs/0.5kgs. I sent the package back through my employer shipping center (dropped there). Took a picture to get the tracking number. The package was delivered to Laredo, TX on the 25th. There has not been an e-mail confirming MS received the return so I called. The lady told me that the weight is 1 lbs so it cannot be the surface pro 2. She told me that the weight on the fedex tracking information is from the actual weighing by fedex. She told me that either employee from my employer's shipping center took the item or I did not send it. Either way, those are serious accusations.

    I asked Microsoft what Microsoft has received and what is in the package. The lady told me that she is not sure. One thing she is sure is that the package does not contain surface pro 2. I called FedEx and wanted to confirm what weight is it on their package tracking website. FedEx cannot confirm what it is either.

    At this point Microsoft created an incident. I am curious to know the result.
    02-08-2014 09:04 PM
  8. mickydale's Avatar
    Well my interactions have to do with Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T...
    When I first received my new Nokia Lumia 1020, I was ecstatic. Nokia was offering a $20 app voucher for purchase of new products. My first problem begins there, I have registered and told it could be 3 days....it has now been almost 2 months... Otherwise still happy, until the BLACK update.. After this update battery life went to hell as well as pictures(the ugly tent after saving pics)... I finally reached support via Nokia who assured me none of my other complaints could not be found and a hard reset would solve everything... With resistance I performed the annoying task of backing everything up to pc, performed the reset, then took hours to restore my apps and settings... The battery issue was fixed!! ...But the ugly tint in picture post processing remained, and now my phone would not recognize my visual voicemail password and I couldnt acess the phone without annoying reminders nor my vm....This time I was told it was an AT&T issue...So I call them and proceed to describe all that has happened above and guess what they ask me to do????? Yep, hard reset.....And I flat out refused! Nokia refused to replace the phone, but finally after threatening to move my service elswhere , AT&T agreed to send me a BRAND NEW phone....7 days later (today) I come home to find my package lying in well below freezing weather and snow(Ohio)... Only to open it and find out it is a damn REFURB!!!.... I dont know about you, but when I shell out money for a brand new deice, that is what I want!!! I don't want the defective device I have repaired, nor do I want someone elses defective crap repaired!... Needless to say, I'm moving back to Samsung or Apple.... Oh and BTW, 2 months and no word from Microsoft smh
    02-08-2014 09:51 PM

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