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    Hey all, been thinking to switch over from Android tinkering to wp. As i have followed wp world news, been thinking about hardware-side of wp. In Android they do market that higher hw specs will yield better/smoother experience. That is partly true, but the benefit will imo stop at double core phones. Anyway, as i read the specs of Lumia 1520, and just saw specs of Icon... (presumably the Lumia 930 or [Insert incoming model]) will have same like specs. As wp seems to run just as smoothly with one core, as it does with quad ones it is hard to see why NokiaSoft will join the hw competition familiar from the world of Android and somewhat Apple? As i understood from the reviews that the top notch hw actually does benefit the user for example in camera speed. That could be reason enough to aim for "top notch" hw when buying phone. But if let`s say Lumia 925 works smooth and fast out of the box, is it worth it to get that quad core, hd screen phone for 200-400 euros more expensive?
    Was thinking first the Lumia 1020 but most reviews said that 6-7 secs to take a picture is...kinda...bleh..so that held me off from buying it. Maybe future models will do that faster, as it would be awkward for me to take slower pics than my wife with she having iPhone 3gs

    How is it by the way in wp, can i backup phone contacts n stuff via ota? Been life savior the option to backup contacts in Android to Google servers (As they do get wiped occasionally in between flashing unstable roms lol)

    Thanks for replies
    02-14-2014 08:19 AM
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    I don't own a 1020 so I can't be sure what I'm saying is correct but according to a WPC article the camera is only slow if you're always taking a 41MP shot all the time. It's a trade off. Under normal conditions, using the regular camera app it's a lot faster.

    With regards to backups. WP is only backed up via OTA. There isn't any other way of doing it. You can backup your contacts, text messages and photos and these will be restored once you log back into your phone with your MS account. Unfortunately, there is no means of backing up game data unless the game allows you to save that to Skydrive (OneDrive). That goes for any app that uses 'custom' files that WP is not familiar with.

    A lot is going to change in WP8.1. We have some knowledge so far but I feel we don't have everything. Be sure to check around on the forum for more information.

    Lastly, I think WP needs to keep up. If everyone is going quadcore 64 bit then WP needs to follow suit. Whether it's needed or not. The experience can only get better. That's the way I look at things. I'm looking forward to the L920 replacement hopefully coming soon after the WP8.1 announcement.
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    02-14-2014 08:40 AM
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    The extra power helps for things like graphic-intensive games and watching HD video. Also, MS came to the realization that, even though the fantastic software doesn't "need" the high end hardware to run smoothly, not participating in the spec war was hurting their presence. Especially in the North American market where the flagship phones are stronger sellers compared to the emerging markets where people just need a phone they can actually AFFORD. In those markets WP is fairing much better in terms of market share, thanks to Nokia's low end offerings which runs circles around comparable Android devices.

    In answer to your second question, you can backup, and reinstall, contacts, stored text messages, which apps you had on your phone, etc all OTA. And since every WP8 device is guaranteed to get the 8.1 update that will finally bring core functionality parity with Android (notification center, separate ringer volumes, customizable fast access control panel, etc) there really is no valid reason for somebody like yourself not to grab the device that best catches your eye and/or suits your budget. I mean, seriously, you can get the Nokia Lumia 520 for $70 as a gophone in the US...
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    02-14-2014 08:45 AM
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    Thanks for the answers. I guess i ll wait for the next gen devices to be announced, and as the price of current high end wp,s will go down i will consider which device to go for. I suppose u can`t go wrong with any wp 8.0 device. Tho i do appreciate the camera capabilities of the phone, that is why i was considering 1020. But are the pics taken with 925 that much worse? Seen some picture comparisons, and to my eye the difference isn't that big? I know 1020 has 3x lossless zoom, where 925 has none? But if crop to zoom isn't that important is there any other reason for 1020 over 925? If we are talking picture shooting with automatic mode mostly? Was confusing to me that Nokia announced 925 with superb low light camera capabilities. But in some reviews 1020 is labelled as the best low light shooter there is?
    02-14-2014 09:13 AM
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    Here's a small write up of the cameras: Nokia PureView showdown: Comparing the Lumia 920, 925 and 1020 cameras | Windows Phone Central

    Keep in mind the 1020 camera is for a more serious photographer. If all you're doing is taking snaps then I'd suggest something else, like the 925. The 1020 is borderline DSLR. Professional photographers are impressed with it so that should tell what it's capable of. It's not your typical point and shoot.
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    02-14-2014 09:39 AM
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    Was just reading about hd screens in phone. Seems it is not automatically beneficial to use 1080p screen in phone, as human eye stops seeing pixels when ppi goes past certain threshold. So it only eats additional battery and cpu ??

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    02-16-2014 09:05 AM
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    Well, on my 720p 4.8" Samsung Ativ S, I can see pixels at normal operational distances, including arms length. (I do have exceptional vision, though) However, it isn't an issue for me. I would enjoy a full HD screen at 5" or less because that's where I can no longer distinguish pixels. My ex has the Sony Xperia Z, and watching tv and movies on it was a real treat. But definitely it's not an automatic advantage until you get into larger screen sizes. (ie: the "phablet" range) I would suggest that if it's at all possible, try out a Nokia Lumia 1320 and 1520 side by side. They are both 6" screens, but the 1520 is full HD 1080p, whereas the 1320 is only 720p. The 1320 screen will still likely be very enjoyable to look at, but even at arms length the difference will be noticeable. Whether or not the extra pixels are worth the extra resource draw, however, is up to the individual.
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    02-16-2014 05:44 PM
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    WP is fairing much buy fifa 14 coins better in terms of market share, thanks to Nokia's low end offerings which runs circles around comparable Android devices.
    03-20-2014 04:09 AM

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