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    I've been a long time Microsoft fan but just recently decided to commit to a Windows Phone (Lumia 1020) and a Surface RT. For the most part I've been extremely pleased until yesterday with my experience with Microsoft's Customer Service. Basically I attempted to make some in-game purchases on Star Wars: Tiny DeathStar but it did not go through, however the charges still went through on my credit card. I tried to find a Microsoft phone number which was nearly impossible...long story short. First attempt on the phone it took 35 minutes without a resolution. Second attempt tried the chat option, took 20 minutes to get a person just for them to tell me to call customer service. Finally the third attempt I finally got my credit after another 30+ minutes on the phone. I typically choose companies that I support not only on their product quality but also their customer service. Needless to say I was very disappointed yesterday. Sorry for the long story. Anybody else have a good or bad experience with MS customer service?
    03-05-2014 10:43 PM
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    I got a 64 gig Surface RT on that big sale Microsoft had a few months back and after a couple months, the touch got weird. My screen would bounce uncontrollably. So I contacted MS online and arraigned to get it repaired since it was under warranty. I got the label from them and sent it in. After about 2 weeks, I got it back and it was all good except my 64 gig has lost weight. It was now a 32 gig Surface RT. Yikes! So I contacted MS again. Long story short, they sent a label, I returned the 32 Gig, They returned a working 64 gig Surface RT. I'm typing on it now. After about 3 days, "Michael" from customer care sent an email to make sure I was happy and if I had any issue, I could contact him directly. So I'm good.
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    03-06-2014 12:10 AM
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    Worst Customer Experience

    • I purchased a Surface Pro 2.
    • It had very bad battery drainage issue (caused by December firmware update)
    • Called Microsoft Surface Support and was asked to do an advanced exchange. I did.
    • Received the replacement Surface Pro 2 on Jan. 19th. Packed the old Surface Pro 2 into the box and used the shipping label provided by Microsoft.
    • Went to Fedex office on Jan. 20th. The office was closed because it was MLK holiday
    • Dropped the package at my employer's shipping center (Fedex is the exclusive shipper for my company). Took a picture to get the tracking number. On the label provided by Microsoft, it has"actual weight 1.0 lbs".
    • The package was delivered on Jan. 25th, 2014 to a Microsoft collection point in Laredo, Texas
    • I called around Feb. 5th (do not remember the exact date) after I did not receive an e-mail informing me that the defective surface pro 2 has been received by microsoft.
      • The agent asked for tracking number (why asking me for it?)
      • I provided the tracking number
      • She checked the tracking info that showed package weight 1.0 1lbs .
      • She concluded that I did not put the surface pro 2 into the box because Surface Pro 2 weighs more than 2lbs.
      • She asked me to check with my company shipping center or Fedex.
        • I called Fedex and went to Fedex location asking for a complete tracking information where and when the package was weighed.
        • Fedex assigned a tracking agent.
        • The agent called me and told that the package was delivered. Anything else is between Microsoft and Fedex.

      • She also created an incident to investigate what happened to the package.
        • A few days later, I got a call and an e-mail from Tay P. from Surface Care Team informing me the investigation is on going.
        • Got a call from him a few days later informing me that the package was delivered to Microsoft collection point and Microsoft service center never received it.
        • I told him I would like Micosoft to locate the package and told him what the first agent has accused me of.
        • Later, I asked for an apology from Microsoft.
        • Please see the end of the post to read his reply.

      • The reply accused me of cheating again.
        • I went to Fedex ground asked about where and when the package was weighed. The manager there told me that not all packages are weighed. Some packages are weighed to audit companies. He provided a written statement

    Microsoft, back your accusation with some facts please !!!!
    From: *** Email address is removed for privacy ***
    To: *** Email address is removed for privacy ***
    Subject: SRX1231070372ID - Microsoft Surface CARE Team Update
    Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 20:55:13 +0000

    Dear XIaoqing;
    I have agreed with you that the manner in which the agent addressed you was not appropriate. I am unable to speak on behalf of our partner, FedEx, and their business. However, what we do know is that FedEx does weigh packages before and after delivery. Also, we do know that FedEx weighed your package at the time of shipment as being 1 pound. With that said, as I have told you, we are addressing the matter internally. It is being reviewed. The agent who made the inappropriate comments or accusations will be dealt with accordingly, up to and including corrective action such as termination. I also want you to know that the actions we are taking, and have taken, to resolve your issue, reflects that we have never questioned whether or not there was an issue with your Surface shipment.
    As to where your defective device is, we consider your device to be lost in transit, and Microsoft will assume all responsibility for the loss, and whereabouts of the device. I have canceled the order, and thereby have absolved you of any responsibility to it. Please rest assured that if the box had arrived empty, our service center would have reported it to us immediately. The absence of that report for your service request tells us that the package arrived, and nothing was found amiss. This leads me to believe that the FedEx tracking number had poor information in it regarding the details of the package. Again, we have made the appropriate teams aware of this miscommunication within the FedEx tracking number.
    In regards to your request for a written statement, and apology, I would like you to consider this as that apology. To reiterate the actions that we are taking to resolve, and address your issue: We have removed any liability of the possibility of incorrect shipment from you, and placed it on our own shoulders. In addition, we are addressing the matter with the agent in which you worked with, and provided the inappropriate comments, with incredible seriousness. In which, I can assure you, significant corrective action has been taken already.
    I have also made your complaints aware to my leadership team. I want you to know that I do consider this issue resolved, and any additional requests around this issue will be handled appropriately as being resolved. If you have additional questions or concerns regarding other Surface issues that you experience, please feel free to reach out through this email, or by contacting our support team at www.micorsoft.com/support, or by managing your account at our self-service website http://myservice.surface.com.

    Tay P
    Microsoft Surface CARE Team Member

    03-06-2014 10:10 AM
  4. Alain_A's Avatar
    doesn't look promising to buy a window product
    03-06-2014 06:54 PM
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    doesn't look promising to buy a window product
    I've never had a problem but go with the low hanging fruit.
    03-07-2014 10:16 PM

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