1. RavenSword's Avatar
    So, on a bit of a impulse I bought a lumia 520 at target today for 65 dollars (seriously, that's a pretty good price.) and now I need some apps for if. I know nothing about this ecosyestem and need some help traversing it.

    Thanks :)
    03-07-2014 06:41 PM
  2. Baryex86's Avatar
    Facebook Messenger
    WP Central App
    Amazing Weather HD
    Bing News
    03-07-2014 07:01 PM
  3. fdalbor's Avatar
    Just about everything that is available in the WP8 store runs on the 520. There is a few games that require 1meg of memory to run but there are not very many of them and unless your are a hardcore gamer its not a problem. To start you off get Windows Phone Central (too keep up with developemnt of the WP8 system), C/Net news is another good source for info on the system, Pandora if you are interested in music, Nokia Camera or Nokia Camera Beta to get the most out of your camera, Nokia SysApp Pusher to get the best apps to keep your phone on the cutting edge, OneDrive of course, Maxthon if you want to try another browser besides Explorer, Kindle App if you like to read books, ESPN/hub if you like to keep up with sports, Skype for those hard to reach friends, The Weather Channel to keep up with our unpredictable weather, there is of cource many, many, many othrs; but this should get you started. Have fun the 520 is a good little phone that won't let you down. I use a 820; but my wife and daughter both use 520's that I bought as backups to my 820 but they took them before I could ever use them. Oh well.
    03-07-2014 07:03 PM
  4. RavenSword's Avatar
    (ok, so i dropped the damn thing on the floor as i was trying to get its package open. It was really tough and i had to rip the plastic open and it flew out and the phone and its backing landed on my wood floor. The phone seems ok. Something's are a little hitchy like typing, but is that due to this being a budget phone? )

    so, I'm liking the UI alot. Its something new and exciting. Still have to evaluate the app situation though. I'm assuming I'll get some hitches with this being a 65 dollar phone,though correct? So I'm looking at the way it operates and the apps, not so much performance of this phone.
    03-07-2014 10:01 PM
  5. Shawn Magm's Avatar
    UC Browser
    youtube HD
    Weave news reader
    Nextgen news reader
    App folder
    Tunein radio
    Fast TV listings
    In you're into social media, 6tag (instagram client)
    03-07-2014 10:02 PM
  6. jojoe42's Avatar
    6snap (Snapchat)
    6Tag (Instagram)
    Bing Weather
    Mehdoh/Tweet It! (Twitter)
    Facebook Messenger
    Nokia Camera
    Awesome Lock/Lockmix (for lock screen widgets)
    Battery Sense (to track battery usage)
    Barcode Wallet
    Metrotube (Youtube app)
    MPATool (for fixing missing album art/artist backgrounds in music+videos)
    System Tiles (setting shortcuts)
    Weave News Reader

    Oh, and if your battery is draining heavily after installing apps listed in this thread, go to settings > applications > background tasks and disable some apps that you won't need to run in the background
    03-07-2014 10:42 PM

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