02-13-2015 09:32 AM
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  1. drachen23's Avatar
    Believe it or not, the API was what got me to buy a Windows Phone. I'm an MS-centric developer (mostly web) and on one of my RSS or twitter feeds, I happened to come across a free ebook about making apps for the original WP7. I was unemployed at the time and needed something productive to do between interviews. I really liked the API and tools and went out to buy a Samsung Focus to test on real hardware. I intended to keep the Focus on my desk just for testing purposes, but I ended up leaving my Android-powered Samsung Captivate on my desk instead, only using it as a spare battery charger (the Focus and Captivate had the exact same battery). I really liked the OS design language and fluidity, especially compared to the version of Android on the Captivate.
    07-21-2014 09:17 PM
  2. OldMillXxX's Avatar
    Love that it was different. Being my first smartphone, I had no expectations. Like the design, love the tiles, and different.
    07-21-2014 09:19 PM
  3. James8561's Avatar
    Nokia's beautiful, unique design and indestructibility and Microsoft's very unique new mobile interface.
    07-21-2014 09:19 PM
  4. hopmedic's Avatar
    For me, I was already a Windows Mobile phone user for several years. I don't remember when I got my first one, but it was well before the iPhone came out in '07. And becaue my associate degree was partly VB.NET, I was already in the Microsoft ecosystem, and wrote a few applications for both desktop and mobile devices with barcode scanners in a factory setting using VB. So in 2010 when Visual Studio 2010 launched, and I went to the VS 2010 launch event, I was thrilled when I saw a prototype unit demonstrated by Glen Gordon, who was at the time my local Microsoft Developer Evangelist, and I fell in love with it right away.

    I knew I had to have that phone six months before it ever became public. I don't remember now who made the prototypes, but what was on the screen just had me mesmerized. I had to have it. I was so over using a stylus on my screen in Windows Mobile. I was tired of that tiny resistive screen. It was time for something new. I had been proud to have a smart phone before the iPhone came out and people knew what a smart phone was, but it was time to step into the new decade. Windows Phone was that step for me.

    When the time came, and Windows Phone launched, I had both a happy and sad birthday. It launched on my birthday, but in Europe, not in America. So to those of you who complain about how it takes longer to get to your country, I can relate. I wanted WP for my birthday, and this time I was the one on the wrong side of the pond. But it gets worse. It launched on ATT and T-Mobile. Not Verizon, my carrier. I held out, since I had seen the leaked fliers that were given to Microsoft employees, advertising the Trophy by December. But December came and went, and there was still no Windows Phone on Verizon.

    I took up the cause. I started making phone calls, writing emails, and I did get through to an executive's assistant in Atlanta. She heard my complaint, but of course couldn't tell me anything. I created a website, www.verizonwp7.com, to gather "signatures" of people who wanted WP7 on Verizon.

    Later, I learned that WP7 didn't have CDMA support. WHAT??? But it was coming in the NoDo update. Ok... Let's get it out here. I remember reading that NoDo had gone RTM, and started counting the days. On March 16, if I remember right, Sprint launched the Arrive. I liked that phone. It was like my Windows Mobile with the slider keyboard, but running Windows Phone. I switched. Bye-bye Verizon. I'm going with someone who cares.

    Not so fast. Sprint coverage where I lived sucks. They even sent me a microcel (whatever they call it). It converts your internet connection to carry the phone signal. Fine if I'm within 20 feet of the thing, but I had a huge yard, and I wasn't always at home. Sorry, Sprint - I like the phone, but I can't deal with the coverage. So long....

    Back to Verizon... And back to my Touch Pro II.

    But then Microsoft came to town, and TechEd was right in my back yard. I couldn't afford TechEd, but there was going to be a Windows Phone App Garage one of the nights of TechEd. I had to get a phone! I was working on an app, and I'd heard that they were going to be giving something like 25 of them away to people who wrote apps. Awesome! But I needed something to test on (I think this was really just an excuse to get a phone). I went to ATT and got a Samsung Focus. What a beauty!

    I went to the App Garage at one of the hotels near TechEd, and over the next few weeks, I got my app done, and another, and I got not one, not two, but three phones (Samsung Focus) from Microsoft! I sold two of them right away - was unemployed - and kept the third for a while to let friends use as a trial. In the meantime, I'd decided that ATT's coverage was not up to par for my needs, either. So alas, I'm stuck with Verizon... And back to my Touch Pro II. It's amazing they let me come back, after transferring out twice in two months.

    But then, BIG NEWS! The HTC Trophy was going to be on Verizon! On May 26, launch day, I got my Verizon HTC Trophy! YAY!!! FINALLY! A phone that I can love AND use!

    When Windows Phone 8 was announced, I was again upset. No high-end phone on Verizon. I made the same round of phone calls and emails to Verizon, and ended up with the very same exec's assistant in Atlanta. I took my domain, www.verizonwp7.com and changed it to a survey asking what phone you wanted to see on Verizon. Overwhelmingly, the 920 was the choice. But this time the exec assistant said that she had SEEN my survey page. And just as in the prior case, she said that she was glad to get my feedback. It wasn't until several months later that we got the Lumia 928 on Verizon, and somewhere around that time my domain registration for verizonwp7 expired, and I didn't bother renewing it, for lack of need. It wasn't wp7 anymore, after all.

    I'd picked up the 822 on launch day - free, no less, thanks to Best Buy's deal (or was it price matching? I don't remember for sure). On 928 launch day I picked that one up from the Verizon store, and likewise on Icon launch day.

    Yes, I think Windows Phone was made just for me.
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    07-21-2014 09:28 PM
  5. Adithyan Hari's Avatar
    I was an android guy (2010) but I the first time I had a glance on a windowsphone maybe lumia 900 I guess...I had a feeling that this is gonna change something. Now being the Third Smartphone OS, honestly all those Nokia fanboys including me loves it,keeping in mind "yeah the OS is young and immature, but its gonna get big SOOONer, I love, I'll wait for it".........Hope MKSFT won't show their back on us
    07-21-2014 09:30 PM
  6. hopmedic's Avatar
    Believe it or not, the API was what got me to buy a Windows Phone. I'm an MS-centric developer (mostly web) and on one of my RSS or twitter feeds, I happened to come across a free ebook about making apps for the original WP7. I was unemployed at the time and needed something productive to do between interviews. I really liked the API and tools and went out to buy a Samsung Focus to test on real hardware. I intended to keep the Focus on my desk just for testing purposes, but I ended up leaving my Android-powered Samsung Captivate on my desk instead, only using it as a spare battery charger (the Focus and Captivate had the exact same battery). I really liked the OS design language and fluidity, especially compared to the version of Android on the Captivate.
    I, too, was unemployed at the time, and used WP development to teach myself C# (I'd wrote a few applications for desktop and Windows Mobile in VB.NET) while looking for a job.
    07-21-2014 09:30 PM
  7. BootsMcGuinness's Avatar
    Nokia stopped making/supporting MeeGo/Swipe OS/Nokia N9. I used an N9 for 2 years but as time went on it started to show it's age. If the N9 or a successor to the N9 existed I wouldn't use windows phone. So basically I use windows phone out of necessity for a cell phone and because iOS and Android have awful UIs
    07-21-2014 09:33 PM
  8. arjunan's Avatar
    07-21-2014 09:42 PM
  9. SAM 77's Avatar
    My first memory is of poking myself in the eye with a model of F-18 which my dad built. I always liked things that looked cool.
    Iphone - Android never did it in the looks department. Using em for work and checkin out friends phones didn't do anything to sway me over. I held onto my 6720 classic for ages waiting for something that would get my attention.

    I use Windows on my PC plus build my own rig.
    Apple is for dummies who think they have a clue and android is just a waste of time for people who value efficiency and aesthetics.

    I was planning on a Lumia 900 but didn't like the feature set so when WP8 came out and ticked all the proper boxes it was very easy. Lumia 820 is my first smartphone.
    Can't see myself going to the others at all even if MS manage to keep screwing ther pooch with their many failures.

    Bang for your buck Lumia 820 has it in spades :)
    07-21-2014 09:45 PM
  10. dqgeek's Avatar
    I started my smartphone journey with a hand-me-down BlackBerry Curve. Then I read an article in Maximum PC in 2010 comparing phone OSes which gave WP7 high marks and also have high marks to the Samsung Focus. I liked what I read about the OS and what I saw of the OS pictures in the article. Shortly after that AT&T had a 2-for-1 deal on the Focus, just in time for my wife and I to get them for Christmas. When we went to a local store, they had one on display and contrary to some of the horror stories I've read here about salespeople trying to steer folks away from WP, mine was quite happy to demonstrate the unit and talk about its features. Loved the difference of the OS and kinda liked the fact that it wasn't the "cool" or status symbol phone. I currently use the L920 and the wife has the L520.
    07-21-2014 09:50 PM
  11. moserftbl88's Avatar
    I switched from a HTC Thunderbolt to the HTC 8X. I had gotten bored with android it felt like all the phones were essentially the same. I had seen commercials for Windows Phone and looked into it and the idea of the live tiles was intriguing to me and seemed like a change of pace and I'm glad I made the switch.
    07-21-2014 09:51 PM
  12. Padraig McGloin's Avatar
    Had a nokia N95 then a N8 and loved it but nokia then discontinued symbian now have a 920, the 920 dose some things better but kinda miss the tricks the N8 had like HDMI, fm transmitter and the 3.5mm audio jack had AV capibilities.

    But still think Windows is better than ios and android, the layout isn't infinatly customisable which I actually like (sometimes enough is a feast) and I like someting different, aswell as windows phones allowing you to buy a phone in not just white or black but a colour, and the lumia 920 is a high end phone but not fragile, I've acenditily dropped mine left it out in light rain and it's absolutly fine.

    Soon upgrading and thinking of either 1520 or 930 :D
    07-21-2014 09:57 PM
  13. d-laybook's Avatar
    I had a blackberry, an ipad and a pc. Taking some time to really think about what I wanted from my technology instead of thinking about what technology I wanted was a huge paradigm shift for me. That was what brought me to Windows Phone. One of the things I realized was I wanted to be all in on one eco-system to eliminate the little things that dont work well across different platforms. They were really bugging me. Blackberry was out because they didnt make a PC and their tablet was lacking (I kept buying and returning it because I wanted to like it). Apple was out because I didnt want an iphone. No hate for iphone, I just didnt want to have the same phone as the masses. That left Windows Phone. At the time, the Lumia 800 was just released so I tried it and loved it. Been moving through the different phones ever since. Lumia 800, Lumia 920, Samsung Ativ S, Lumia 925 and now Lumia 1520.
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    07-21-2014 09:57 PM
  14. antiochian2010's Avatar
    My history started with Android - I wanted an iPhone, but was turned off by their trying to force new users to go to AT&T. So bought a Samsung Vibrant. Kept it livable with Cyanogen Mod, but a friend nagged at me at how great Windows Phones were. At the time, some guy made a WP7 emulator for Android. I fell in love with the Metro Interface and ended up keeping that UI permanently - and I was one who habitually changed the UI 3X per week at a minimum! So decided to give the real thing a try and picked up the HD7 Mozart. Loved it. The Metro UI is what really drew me.
    Then Lumia came out and I bought the 800. Terrible camera, but I was blown away by how Nokia did Maps and unassisted GPS which I tested out in the middle of Arizona! And what a great looking phone design!! Then went to 900, briefly to 521 and then to the 1020 that I still have.
    Between the 900 and 521 I spent a year with the 808 PureView which as a photographer I couldn't resist even though it took me away from WP - and yes, I did miss it!
    When I went back to the 521 I still used the 808 as a weekend phone for the camera until the 1020 came out.

    In an alternative universe where I had been able/willing to go with iPhone and AT&T, I think I still would have ended up back at WP and the Lumia 1020. When the 808 came out, there is no way I would have passed that up even if I did have an iPhone. The camera on that thing was amazing and the Symbian was still livable. Had Nokia continued and made an LTE version of it with Sailfish, I might have stayed forever. However, the 808 is what made me a raving Nokia fan boy. I even picked up an old 6010 and rebuilt to make myself a keen little emergency phone which I still have with me with a prepaid T-Mobile chip.
    That exposure to Nokia I'm sure would have led me straight into the 1020 because of the continuation of the camera.. and hey, it's a Nokia! . Besides, I have been falling out of love more and more with Apple lately. Not very innovative and if it weren't for the sheer popularity, I consider them as stale as BlackBerry now..
    07-21-2014 09:59 PM
  15. RAdamHadAMeal's Avatar
    I was all about WebOS. I had my brothers hand me down Palm Pre. I Loved everything about it. I knew it would take off and beat out Android and iOS. How could it not, right? The iPhone always seemed so cheap and boring for the price and android had so many problems at the time. So when the Pre2 came out and the HP Pre3 was announced I switched to a new Pre2 and was so excited. WebOS 2.0! The very best. My ex girlfriend had a Kin (WP beta I guess) it was so laughable. And when Windows Phone came out I always made fun of it. Why would anyone touch that? What is Microsoft thinking. Everyone was copying WebOS and their cards so I knew it was just a matter of time until I had a fancy new WebOS device. And then HP killed WebOS. And then my Pre2 started to crash constantly. When I finally dropped it and it cracked I was so mad that I through it against the wall. I didn't want to go Android and I didn't have the money for an iPhone which I wouldn't want anyway. My older brother who had gotten me into WebOS told me windows phone would be the way to go soon. And sure enough after I got my HTC trophy with WP Mango, I was more than amazed. There were apps, it had such an interesting easy to use interface. And it never crashed. I couldn't believe the battery later 8 whole hours, not to mention the camera. After WP8 was announced I tried to update the little Trophy and managed to get a custom ROM of 7.8, but finally last year I got a Lumia 822. That's when I decided to never look back. Everyone I knew was envious of my Atlas and I've convinced a lot of people to jump to WP, mainly cuz I'm a show off. I finally got a good job and an apartment. Paying my way in life so I decided I should get my own phone plan. Right now I'm writing this with my nice new Lumia Icon in hand, sitting in a Hooters, waiting to see Lady Gaga. I can't wait to see what my 20mp camera can really do. In conclusion, the main thing that keeps me churning with WP is the interface, the fact that its well taken care of by Microsoft and has amazing Nokia hardware isn't bad either, and I love that its getting more popular and more support. My boss at work got a Lumia Icon because of me as well. My older brother got me into. I know I'm going off on a tangent but back when I switched to WP I remember what got me there was something he said. A friend of mine (now an HTC 8xt user) and I, jokingly said he betrayed the WebOS Nation and he said, "I didn't betray my nation. I moved to a country where the government actually cares about me." That got me. Haha. Microsoft really does support the hell out of us. I know it sound silly but its also one of the many reasons i stay.
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    07-21-2014 10:06 PM
  16. Ragav Chef's Avatar
    i have been using nokia phone for past 10 year my first was 1100 thn 1616 thn n 73, c5 , c2, x2, n9, lumia 710 , 810 at a point of time i felt buying android phone, which made me to buy sony miro(worth less phone) i sold it in 2 months then bought lumia 720 and using it for past 9 months am so happy and i bought lumia for one thing is the brand NOKIA
    07-21-2014 10:08 PM
  17. drkimo's Avatar
    I don't need a mobile OS with 600,000 inane game apps.... I need one that handles files I actually use every day (word, excel, etc.)... Every other OS uses 3rd party apps to handle those files - it's like putty a cheap Chevy engine in a BMW M3 - it may work, just not as well!
    07-21-2014 10:21 PM
  18. chataddicted's Avatar
    My first phone was Omnia w. My smart phone revolution story is in the year 2007 i passed 12 th standard and admitted in a college. At that time there was no smart phone in India except blackberry. The price was beyond my reach. But i knew one day definitely i would buy one. My father gave me his reliance mobile. The price of the phone was $15/ ₹999. He gave this phone for practicing handling a cell phone in college and public vehicle.. After 2 months trial i became a Dr. In mobile phone handling. Then one day he took me to a store and bought me a Sony Eriksson w700. It was a great feature phone and i loved it's sound quality. That time Nokia features phones like 6600, n71, n76 and n91 was ruling in the Indian market. Blackberry was hardly found in anyone's hand. I was very happy with w700. I can still remember i impressed so many girls in Mah college with this phone. I stacked with that phone for 3yrs. In mid time i bought three other features phones. Motorola was among them. Then i took admission in masters. At that time the phone market of india revolving in every second... There came touch screen Android iphone nokia symbion and also somany bold and curves from blackberry. I decided to get rid of the features phone and buy one smartphone of mid range from my savings... So i make a google for smartphones. There was near about 100 sof Android. But as you know i always look for something new something eye-catching for girls... Something really really odd from others. So i selected an exceptional phone both in specs and os it was Samsung omnia w. I did not buy lumia bcz at that time very few nokia apps was available in wpmarketplace but omnia w can beat any lumia phone in specs in that price range. So omnia was my first smartphone. It was amazingly fast. And display was gorgeous. I used that phone for 2years. Then again twist in my story ms introduced windows phone 8. 7.8 for there old mango os. I upgraded to tango lost my job my girlfriend got a superb job bought a bigscreen android and i stuck on os 7.8 due to shortage of money. Wp8 started growing. New apps new features are coming on that platform and we the 7.8 user s had no luck. I was depressed with my omnia. And decided to try android for a month and exchanged my omnia with my gf's android. At first it was felt amazing..the screen was so big. There are plenty of apps which i really missed on my omnia but i get bored totally bcz it was an android with no live tile no fastness and fluidity highly buggy os. For eg i regularly used mixtape apps on my wp during bed. But the android apps 8track shutdown after playing 5songs automatically. There are somany lags on that phone. And so i decided to buy a wp8 at any cost but how??????? I dont hv job no savings then how? I exchanged my omnia w with a guy who gave me his bold9900 in exchange then i published an advertisement in olx my bold for ₹7000 /$110 itwas sold. Iget 7000buks in my pocket. Next i sold all my remaining features phone for 2000 buks i got 9000 and borrow 3000 from my girlfriend finally got enough cash for lumia 620. In the mean time i got a bbry 9300 frm my father. Thus i achieved a lumia wp8.. Its my love story for windows phone... Chataddicted
    07-21-2014 10:27 PM
  19. Marisol Blanco's Avatar
    I saw the phone with the tiles and fell in love
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    07-21-2014 10:29 PM
  20. smoheath's Avatar
    I am a person who likes to be different. When i was looking for my first smartphone I was mostly chasing the best specs. I knew I didn't want an iPhone because, again, I wanted to be different. Then I came across the wp8 keynote. The live tiles, the colors, the customization, the metro design language; I loved ask of it. I held off buying until the new wp8 phones were coming out. I picked up an HTC 8x since it was the best phone on Verizon. It has been an awesome phone. Because of windows phone I picked up a surface pro and since then I have switched to the pro 3, which is the best computer I have ever used. I'm now all Microsoft, just last month I deleted both my Gmail accounts. Life is pretty great. Now I'm contemplating getting the Lumia icon or waiting til threshold phones since I don't know if I can part from my lovely 8x.
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    07-21-2014 10:34 PM
  21. rluka's Avatar
    Feature phone ==> Symbian ==> Windows Mobile ==> Palm OS ==> MeeGo ==> Windows Phone

    I want to have WebOS in that list too, but sadly it's one of those company strategy with "US and the rest of the world" mentality. Grey market price is ridiculously overpriced and when I'm ready to jump in it's already announced not-supported.

    Obviously the next is Windows Phone. I've been using Microsoft's service and until this day never made a single Google account.
    When Windows Phone (and then Windows 8) is announced, I'm loving the visual design and promise of integration across Microsoft's products. Unfortunately the Universal Apps is still a minority in the Store.

    Most of all, I love the potential that Windows Phone can integrate the applications into the OS. I really love the plug-in module for chat in Meego; the chat applications are just modules that let the built in Chat application to connect to different network. I'm dreaming that the Hubs will go even further. All social network stream united in the Peoples hub, Photo editing through the Photo hub, feeds through News hub, etc.
    This is my misunderstanding, and a huge let down when seeing Microsoft decided for separate chat applications in 8.1 instead of building more hubs for common tasks.

    Starts with HTC Mozart, until a damned pickpocket took it out of my pocket (may he be blessed with incurable ED)
    Next is a Lumia 720 that works fine and still look good despite sliding out of my shirt pocket more than I can count in one hand. Oh, and it falls on my face several times when I'm using it on the bed. Still smooth, my face, not so. Screen is good, as well as camera (although I usually use dedicated camera). It has a lot of application and alternatives, but not all.

    Wont call myself a fanboy, it's just that "I don't love you, I just hate them more" thing against Apple and Google because of their fanboys. Although, after Steve passed away, the ooh-aah thing with Apple fanboys seems to settle down to the more bearable level so, I starts to warm up to them :P
    Well, got myself an old iPhone recently for apps use. Now I can use Windows Phone without agonizing about apps or getting frustrated from putting hope and expectation on Microsoft. Just use it as it is and watch from the sideline if the platform will rise or breaks.
    07-21-2014 10:38 PM
  22. k_kjong's Avatar
    My first one is HTC HD7. I bought it on the first day it went on sale in the US. Love the UI and tiles of Windows Phone, and still love it on my current Lumia 925. The only gripe I have with Windows Phone is how IM works. From Windows Phone 7, 7.5, 8, until now 8.1, I never have a perfect experience with the IM clients, such as Whatsapp and Line. Often times there are delays, or I might not receive any notification when I received message. On the app front, I have all the app I need, just missing some games though. Overall, I am content with my Windows Phone.
    07-21-2014 10:47 PM
  23. NoPantsFaceHug's Avatar
    Xbox live, I'm an achievement lover. I don't deny it. Then I fell in love with it. Started with HTC HD7 on T-Mobile, terrible service switched to AT&T Lumia 920. Ringer broke traded it at Microsoft store for 1020. Only had it for 3 months till I realized AT&T doesn't support WP. Left them for Verizon, got an ICON. Love it.
    Last edited by NoPantsFaceHug; 07-21-2014 at 11:54 PM. Reason: Poor Language
    07-21-2014 10:56 PM
  24. MrA2Z's Avatar
    I am one of the early adopters of WP. I was browsing gsmarena and techradar for my new phone. It's my habit to go for something different. I bought WP only due to the UI and design. I just loved it. After that I selected Omnia 7. Usually I compare the hardware first and then look for OS but in this case I selected the OS and then looked for affordable hardware.

    After nearly four years: I am still in love with this UI. People around me got iPhone and Android, I can't find any attraction in their plain designs.
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    07-21-2014 10:58 PM
  25. Carlos002's Avatar
    Live style and the fact that that I dislike both android Ios
    07-21-2014 10:58 PM
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