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02-13-2015 08:32 AM
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  1. jonda99's Avatar
    After using iOS for a year and Android for 3, I thought I'd check out WP. My daughter had a 900 for a while, and liked it. She did jump ship though because of app selection. I played with the 900 a bit, and loved the Live Tiles. I thought the Android widgets were suppose to work like this but never did. I picked up my 1520 this spring and now with the 8.1 update, I will probably never look back. The only thing that bugs me is the app quality. While all the apps I used on Android are on WP, the quality isn't there yet. But the WP OS is soooooo much smoother and faster than the others I doubt I could ever change back. I've always used MS products like hotmail, OneDrive, and yes I prefer IE over Chrome. The Google stuff is so unintuitive to me compared to MS. Love the WP, now I'm hoping MS doesn't screw up the hardware side that Nokia perfected.
    07-21-2014 10:06 PM
  2. Lokiwp's Avatar
    When I started to think of buying a smartphone I use to watch youtube videos of every phone I liked.
    There are only 2 reason that I did not choose other than LUMIA :
    1- I don't wanted to go for android as I was bored of it.
    2- I couldn't afford Iphone.

    I heard of Lumia in advertisements and just went to youtube for OS and hardware reviews and instantly fall in Love with the phone.
    I didn't even wasted my time to look other phone and bought Lumia 710 but I lost it after 4 months and after spending 2 month of depression time I again started to look for better windows phone on forums and youtube and then again fall in love with Lumia 720 and bought it november 2013.
    I am still using it and always love my phone.
    Nokia is always best and their blend of Lumia hardware and windows phone OS made it much better phone which is getting a lot of love from everywhere.
    I always get praise for my phone camera picture quality, it's looks and brother loves doing music recording as it has capability better audio using HAAC mic.
    07-21-2014 10:23 PM
  3. SteveNoza's Avatar
    I'm a long time BlackBerry user, and have always liked the platform for communications, personal information management and reading documents with some editing. All-in-all, a work phone.
    My latest BlackBerry, a Q10, was one of them that developed the double typing issue. With no apparent fix, and no help from BlackBerry, I was ready to move on to a new platform, and WP 8 is the best out of the bunch for my needs. So far with a week and a half on a Nokia Lumia Icon, I think I've made a good choice.
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    07-21-2014 10:45 PM
  4. Deaconclgi's Avatar
    Nokia. Plain and simple. I have used Nokia phones since 2005, owned their best smartphones such as the legendary Nokia N82, N8, 808 PureView, N900 and many other devices such as the C7, E63, E73, 5300, 5310, 5230 and so forth. I even have a working Nokia 918+, from 1997!!! The battery still holds a charge.

    After Elop prematurely killed Symbian, I was eagerly awaiting a more advanced NOKIA phone, I didnt care the OS. Even though I used Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices, Nokia hardware, screens, speakers, microphones, cameras and overall build quality and complete package is unmatched so I simply followed Nokia.

    T-Mobile had the Lumia 710 on sale for around $40 and the price convinced me to finally give Windows Phone a shot.

    Symbian is more advanced than Windows Phone, even today, so I wasn't excited about the limitations of the new Windows Phone OS. The slick WP interface with speedy animations, potent web browser (about 200 years ahead of the Symbian web browser) and a future filled with OS updates and new applications sealed the deal for me as far as the OS.

    Nokia continued their stellar hardware releases at all price points and I have never looked back to another OS for my main device.

    As a writer and IT professional, I own Windows Phone, iOS, Android and Symbian devices, all in working condition, yet my SIM stays in my Windows Phone devices exclusively.

    WP has limitations that I have learned to deal with but so does every operating system. The pros of Windows Phone outweigh the few cons that arise based on my needs for a smartphone OS.

    I am glad that Microsoft hasn't given up on Windows Phone yet.
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    07-21-2014 10:55 PM
  5. Samm Neiland's Avatar
    My first phone was the Lumia 710, so I actually jumped on to the Windows Phone train pretty late into 7.5 (I think Tango had come out right around that time, but anyway).

    For the longest time I was sort of a Nokia purist, like... I can't even explain why. Something about the reliability of the hardware just made it something I kept coming back to, and my first phone had been a Nokia phone (back when flip phones were still the thing) so I was REALLY happy when Nokia announced they were making Windows Phones because everything about Windows Phone from a design standpoint just light up all the right light bulbs in my brain.

    The simplistic UI, the use of solid colours, the choice in font, but more than anything, just how everything felt totally comprehensive and fluid. As much as I understand the design and philosophy of iOS and Android, I find them a complete pain to use. Any of the Apps inside those mobile operating systems feels completely disjointed from the system as a whole. This works okay for a computer given you need to do some very specific tasks with a computer, its a pain on mobile since I see the mobile platform only really usable for two things. Exchange of information and consumption of content.

    That's where I feel like Windows Phone shines the most. It makes the whole experience of using your phone fluid and fast in a way that's both simple and visually appealing but also delivers to you information effectively and immediately without being an overload of stimuli.
    07-21-2014 11:06 PM
  6. alpha128's Avatar
    I have a long history before jumping boat to Lumia 920, I was all the while Nokia Fanboy, owned most of the N series through out my colleage and uni year, then my first "real" smart phone was the infamous Samsung Galaxy S, it was running Android 2.2 and it was horrible, back in that days I always have the "phone call slide of death", anyone called me had a chance unable to pick up due to the slide of death, then update to 2.3, my god it doesnt fix much, force to root and do this and that, it just keep getting worse, and getting slower.

    The following year I bought iPhone4s, being owner of Macbook pro not getting iPhone was a big joke to my friends and family, so I have it, screen was small, everything small, doesn't like the eco system due to Android too open, sold it off after 3 months and getting HTC One X, I though HTC One X will be my next killer phone, but no I having hard time with it instead, phone arrived half dying (wifi and call signal always drop), speaker and mic very soft, screen died after 3 months, motherboard died after 8 months, screw it!

    Then saw my friend using Lumia 700, omg so smooth and nice, i mean not prefect but as normal phone usage it was prefect, I dont play games much on mobile, if i playing it will be on my psp or 3ds, I just want a good phone at least able to facebook, read pdf/ebook, and office doc will be big plus. Years later I pre-order Lumia 920 and using it till now, I am happy, I even bought Lumia 525 for my mom and she love it, and it's her first smart phone.

    I really love Windows phone and with 8.1, I tried to spread the love to my friends and colleagues, they always give me some reasons such no apps or games, games wise I know lacking but for apps Windows Phone have some popular apps available and they all working fine, nevertheless good works Microsoft and Nokia, do elignten us in the future release!

    TL;DR: Been thru iOS and Android and fell in love to Windows Phone
    07-21-2014 11:07 PM
  7. kittananj's Avatar
    My dumb reason to switch to Windows Phone is my broken heart.

    I saw the girl that I like her (but I never tell her before) got a new boyfriend. She uses iPhone and he uses BlackBerry.

    I want to use the other one that doesn't use two OS. I decided to use Windows Phone instead of Android, Symbian and MeeGo. Because of it's beautiful design and it looks cool!

    First, I eyed on HTC 7 Trophy. It's very beautiful phone. But when I saw the news that it had many problems. I decided to eye on HTC 7 Surround.

    It's very beautiful phone, again. But it only available for AT&T and it never come to Thailand. (in Thailand, HTC choose HD7 and 7 Mozart to sell only)

    When I was deciding to choose my next phone. I saw that Microsoft and Nokia will be collaborated to deliver the Windows Phones, I choose Nokia.

    When Lumia 800 announced, I was waiting for it to come to Thailand. In January, Nokia and AT&T announced Lumia 900. I moved my decision to Lumia 900.

    After that my working website sent me an invitation to go to report a news in announcement event at CentralWorld. I'm ready exciting to touch it. First impression, it's really nice. Beautiful design, very fluid and it's really cool! So I decided to switch to Lumia.

    Sadly, Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 7.x will be no longer supported. Along with the rumor mill said that Nokia will be announced the new phone that have a PureView camera. So I decided to wait for my next Lumia. And I finally got my first Lumia, Lumia 920.

    Today, I have 4 Lumias, Lumia 920, Lumia 925, Lumia 1520 (that I'm typing) and my newest member Lumia 630.

    Now, I feel that iOS is a very boring OS. And Android is not good enough for me. That's my reason why I use three Windows Phones!
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    07-21-2014 11:15 PM
  8. tpitts15's Avatar
    I've always had my ear to the ground for new tech. I'm particularly intrigued by companies trying to rebrand themselves or launch a completely new division to take on a new market. Microsoft's Zune had always interested me for the sole reason that nobody had one. I was bored by all the iPhones and iPods out there because they were so common, but when I saw somebody carrying around a Zune, I took notice and usually even asked to see it. The fact that they were so scarce may actually have fueled my desire, or at least my curiosity for the product. For this reason, when Microsoft announced the development of the Zune HD, I was all ears. I watched every step of the design through what leaks I could find and watched hours of hands-on videos when demo units finally started seeing the light of day. I thought the minimalist design was brilliant. My preorder of the 32 GB silver Zune HD is arguably the action that set me on the Windows Phone path I'm on today, along with one other detail.

    In the summer of 2010, I had my mind made that I would cash in my severely outdated Motorola Q9h running Windows Mobile 6.5 for the white version of the newly redesigned iPhone 4. As some of you may recall, the white version, to my dismay, was delayed by Apple indefinitely (finally coming out 9 or 10 months later). This delay caused me to abandon my thoughts of jumping onboard the Apple train and I haven't looked back since. I had been paying attention to the development of Windows Phone 7 (Windows Phone 7 Series at the time) and loved that it built on the style of my Zune HD's operating system. I must admit, I felt slightly burned by Microsoft by the lack of support and app development for the Zune HD; I think they overpromised a bit much on that one. However, I noted that with the scrapping of Windows Mobile from their lineup, Microsoft would have to go all in with Windows Phone. Again, I am drawn to tech that is new and not widely familiar.

    After much research, I picked out my Samsung Focus on December 26th, 2010 and was immediately captured by the operating system. In the store the day I bought the phone was my first time to interact with Windows Phone and it was everything I hoped it would be. You could argue that I had never had an iPhone or Android-running device to compare my experience to, but that was just it: everybody else had those devices and I could play with their phones any time I liked. If I wanted to play with Windows Phone, it would have to be my own phone. I could not put the phone down for a week. Normally, a new phone gives me about a day of that new phone experience during which I am locked to the device like a moth to a lamp. The Focus, with its Windows Phone OS of which I had to explore every nook and cranny, gave me an entire week. From that week on, I was as locked into Windows Phone as a sorority girl who doesn't know the difference between a jpeg and a wireless router is locked into her endless cycle of iPhones.

    I could go on to describe my progression from that Focus to my current Lumia 920, but that would take a much longer narrative in that it would include my reactions to all the subsequent iterations of Windows Phone and its hardware. It will suffice for me to mention in conclusion that my loyalty to Windows Phone, though questioned by many of my comrades (though just as many of them are coming round to seeing it as a viable option), will continue for the foreseeable future and most likely into the unforeseeable future as well.
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    07-21-2014 11:46 PM
  9. Shad0x64's Avatar
    I love betas, fixing problems and learning everything about my technology. Still have my ppc6500/6600 and XP beta 2417 disc.
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    07-21-2014 11:48 PM
  10. keerthi vasan's Avatar
    Love for Nokia phones. Never used another brand phone even for 24 hrs let alone owning one. And I got to admit that after being used to WP UI, I won't be able to use Android or IOS
    07-21-2014 11:49 PM
  11. treiz's Avatar
    I had been waiting years for phones to reach parity with what was possible on desktops from a web browsing perspective. I'm a heavy web browser user and I refused to buy a smart phone until one came out that had a modern and capable browser, and that wasn't made by crapple. I started out with the G1 Android, and while I loved the phone I quickly became dis-illusioned with the MANY problems with Android then (and even now).

    I eventually switched to Windows Mobile when the LG eXpo came out and really enjoyed it. I also jumped into WebOS about the same time and went full nerd-tard on my pre+, bought day 1 when it FINALLY launched on AT&T. (If only they had released the Pixi with the Pre screen and internals I would have been in heaven!) I had my pre+ overclocked to 3x stock speed and slapped a 3000mah battery on the back of it. I was so happy with it, I could have as many cards open as I wanted, it was fast and stable, the browser and notifications were great, and then HP picked it up and all kinds of new devices were coming out, it was awesome. At the same time I upgraded my eXpo to a new Windows Phone 7 device and I was instantly impressed with how solid and intuitive it was, how well everything flowed and how all the services were gathered for me, the apps, the integration, the Office Mobile! I remember the first thing that went through my mind when I opened my Zune HD, man this thing would be perfect if it had a phone in it too, and now that had come to pass! Shortly there after the HP WebOS debacle went tits-up and I moved everything to Windows and have never looked back.
    07-21-2014 11:53 PM
  12. Zucco27's Avatar
    I have not read all of the posts but I had a Zune and an IPhone and when I changed jobs I was able to choose my new phone and the Focus had a bigger screen and I loved the Zune software. I was hooked and now on my 3rd windows phone (Nokia 920) and Surface.
    I know I am one of the 12 people who bought the Zune. First one refurbished on Woot! I was a fan from day one! Fast forward to 8.1 and no more Zune software and a crappy music app. I love the feel of the windows phone and I am not going to switch but I feel like the people up in Redmond don't talk to each other when they switch teams. Sorry to be a downer! I do love the home screen, Cortana, and a ton of other features.
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    07-22-2014 12:05 AM
  13. cocotutch's Avatar
    For me, it was the Zune HD. While owning a dog slow first generation iPod Touch, I saw this device via YouTube and fell in love with the speed and beauty and animations.

    Unfortunately, Australia being Australia didn't offer the Zune HD nor any service for the Zune whatsoever. So, I took to recreating my love for Metro UI over on the iOS App Store.

    After the purchase of my 4.8" Android in 2012, I decided I needed to wait for a Windows Phone that could truly stand out. That was either going to be the 930, or the 1520. All models prior were too small now I'd used a larger screen.

    I settled on the 1520. Why Windows Phone? The radical shift in paradigm is always fun! The colors, the simplicity yet complexity....AND the colors and solid build of Nokia Lumia phones compared to those awfully light and breakable Samsungs -- even my almost all glass iPhone 4 lasted longer!!!
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    07-22-2014 12:08 AM
  14. prasath1234's Avatar
    I was tired 😫 of hang ND lag of android mid ranger so I choose Lumia 820 btw I don't use lot of everything was fine for me except my phones battery 🔋 life which I manage by swapping batteries.
    Sent from my RM-826_im_india_201 using Tapatalk
    07-22-2014 12:09 AM
  15. dumgeek's Avatar
    My first WP was an orange Spv classic. It was windows mobile 2002.
    At that time you had push email(using SMS as trigger), supported full outlook ActiveSync synchronization, even with categories and more...
    MS screwed it up. Hope history doesn't repeat it self
    07-22-2014 12:12 AM
  16. CARL BUSSE's Avatar
    I bought my Lumia 928 because of compatibility with my computers...
    07-22-2014 12:25 AM
  17. CARL BUSSE's Avatar
    Compatibility with my computers...
    07-22-2014 12:26 AM
  18. cdubbsworld's Avatar
    my very first smart phone was the HTC Diamond it introduced me to windows mobile and HTC after that I went through a bunch of different HTC WM phones until 2008 I treid the HTC Dream and iPhone bounced between the till Windows Phone 7 was released the HTC Titan 2 and HTC Lumia 900 was my favorites getting a Nokia phones (my favorite phone manufacture besides HTC) and Windows Phone (im a Microsoft guy) was perfect heaven today I have the Lumia Icon and I love everything about the phone for me windows has always spoken to me like it was made for me im only satisfied with WP Android and iPhone ive cheated I admit but with WP she always take me back (LoL) what made me first get a windows phone? I wanted to be different ...the Zune features (I miss it) Xbox games and return to a company (Microsoft) that has always had products (Zune,Xbox) that met my needs and see tech get pushed forward
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    07-22-2014 12:34 AM
  19. Wondering_Bard's Avatar
    After using Android for years, I never really grew to like the "tinkering" aspect that so many still love about Android. I wanted a phone that "just worked", but had a beautiful personalized UI. WinPhone fit the bill. I was intrigued about Nokia after drooling over N8 reviews, bit ultimately Nokia didn't factor in my decision. If the Lumia 822 hadn't sold me on Nokia's AMOLED over HTC's SLCD, I would have ended up with an HTC WinPhone. Now I have a 928 and an eagerly awaiting the new MS/Nokia flagships this year so I can move to TMo with a new WinPhone. We(my wife and I) actually got an Xbox 360 (we steady had a PS3) because we already had Win8 and WinPhone and mostly just used the console to stream across our home, which the Xbox is great at.
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    07-22-2014 12:51 AM
  20. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I was a BlackBerry user who got tired of waiting for BB10. I was eligible for an upgrade from AT&T and pulled the trigger on a Nokia Lumia 900 on release date, since BB10 was not yet available and I had already been waiting for 11 months with an available upgrade. I had used Nokia Symbian devices prior to BlackBerry, so I chose the 900 for Nokia; I had no idea about Windows Phone at the time (never used Windows Mobile, or even played with Windows Mobile in a store).

    I ended up liking Windows Phone as an OS as much as I liked Nokia as a hardware manufacturer, and the rest is history.
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    07-22-2014 12:58 AM
  21. Lindsay Mathieson's Avatar
    Used Android for years, got addicted to reading my email and news via the phone on the train. But the interface was driving me batty - terrible for actually making calls and texting. The lack of updates for older phones. And I could only afford entry level phones, where android is a slow laggy POS.

    Had been hearing a lot that WP8 was really good on low end hardware so bit the bullet and got a Lumia 630 (Win 8.1!). From the start, blew me away how slick and responsive it was. Took me 15 mins of fiddling to get the hang of tiles, but 4 weeks later I'm still discovering new features. For calls and texting - just great. Sync's seamlessly with my Gmail account, including contacts and calendar. Sexy looking as hell to - Live tiles work far better than Androids widgets, genuinely innovative interface, makes Android look tired. Camera is better than anything I've had in the past.

    Android guys at work were interested, but when I discovered I could default app installs to the SDCard and seamlessly move apps/data between the phone and its SDCard they were *really* jealous.

    No regrets.
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    07-22-2014 01:32 AM
  22. NokianWP's Avatar
    I had a feature phone before my 920, an already had an iPod 5. I felt like I already knew the iOS experience, and a iPhone would be too similar. Heard too many android horror stories. Plus I wanted my W8 computer to be compatible with my phone, so WP was the logical choice. I researched the 920 heavily before buying, and was mesmerized by it in the att store. Loved it ever since. It has the best autocorrect, voice recognition(tell me until Cortana and 8.1 IMO), wireless charging, customization, colors, and of course, brand. I can't wait for the next 152x, and I'm staying with WP.
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    07-22-2014 02:06 AM
  23. ER78's Avatar
    Snappyness of the OS, Android lag and lack of support with updates even for the nexus line, Nokia Hardware, trust and faith in Microsoft, sympathy with smartphone underdog, excitement of the new and developing, ease of use of wp8, camera hard- and software
    07-22-2014 02:23 AM
  24. teodor nastase's Avatar
    I bought my first Windows Phone because I wanted something special and because of the best price/quality raport. It was a Lumia 520. Since then, I fell in love with Microsoft's ecosistem. I'm never going back to Android again. Right now I am rocking a Lumia 925 and I love it
    07-22-2014 02:56 AM
  25. DevFor8's Avatar
    Ativ S was my first WP8 and reasons were :

    - bored with Android performance - I don't like reset phone to default every 3 months
    - security - I don't like share every step with Google. Google is now much more evil than MS ever.
    - API availability - WP is between Apple and Google and it looks as proper level to me
    - HW availability - more producers to select than Apple
    - Windows Eco System - working on W8 on desktop with Office so Win ecosystem is much more usable for me than Android/Chrome or iSomething ecosystems
    07-22-2014 03:31 AM
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