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    My dad is currently working in bsnl(Indian governments's mobile,land line,broad service provider) .he bring a WiFi module to home.it was written NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORK on it.I asked the to my dad "is this modem is manufactured by Nokia"? He said yes..
    Than I asked some more questions from my dad that what more products they(India's most widely spread network) buy from Nokia he replied" we(bsnl) buy thousands of small to large hardware devices from Nokia cost them(Indians government) 80 to 500 USD daily and I was a bit surprised to hear that because I thought that Nokia( my favourite brand) only sell Mobile phone in my country and I think this is the only one point I know about Nokia may be they are having a bigger,better business here then I used to imagine.
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    I actually used Nokia smartphones as early as 2006 here in the US. Nokia wasn't a popular smartphone brand here back then. I'm certain that Nokia was better known in India than in the US in 2006.
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