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    So...I have Windows Phone 8.1, my partner has 8.1, she is my contact through her Microsoft account which she also signed into Skype with. We attempted to use the feature of going to a Skype video call from a standard phone call and the Skype button is greyed out...
    I then notice she does not have any Skype details in her profile on my phone - only email (her Microsoft account) (which is also her Skype account). So I search for her using her Microsoft email address in Skype and she appears as a non-contact who I have to send a request to!
    So now I have her twice in Skype; Once for Skype and once for Messenger!! I tried linking her accounts in her profile on my phone - which then shows her as one contact at outlook.com too - who I can Messenger chat with AND start a Skype call at outlook.com!!
    I have repeated this with a friend who was also previously a long time Messenger user that has downgraded to Skype.

    The I thought maybe if I unlink the accounts on my phone and just add all the contact details to the Skype contact but NOPE - you're not able to! It's beyond ridiculous!

    None of this was previously an issue as we all still used Messenger and could chat with the now GREATLY missed built in Messenger chat on Windows Phone, but now this has been dropped we are forced to use the depressingly slow and awfully clunky Skype app(s). This is what has brought the cross-app disconnect to light for us.

    I haven't seen this talked about so wonder if I'm just doing something wrong??

    04-17-2014 04:30 AM
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    Well after a bit more Googling I found this thread from others having the same issues of their contacts showing 2-3 times in Skype, but still no answer..
    Merge contacts from Messenger and Skype? - Skype Community
    04-17-2014 07:42 AM

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