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    I tried to translate the article:

    A cell phone in the pocket prevented a shot that would hit a military policeman during a robbery at his family home on the afternoon this Thursday (1st) in Araraquara (SP), according to the PM. The victim, who was off duty, came home when two criminals, who fled and have not been found, took hostage family members.

    According to the Military Police, around 1pm, the mother of the policeman was washing the sidewalk in Alexandrina Vieira Monteiro Street, when she was rendered by one of the boys. She was taken into the house, where her husband and another relative were also made hostage for about 30 minutes. The other was on a motorcycle waiting for the accomplice .
    The son of the couple, who is in the military police in So Paulo and was off duty, arrived at the scene with his uniform on hand, with the intention of asking her mother to wash it. He was also rendered but realizing that it was a policeman, the suspect made two shots. One of the shots hit the buttocks of the policeman, but he was not hurt, because the phone in his pocket deflected the bullet. The device was destroyed. The other shot hit a gate of the house of a neighbor.
    The duo got away with cell phones, watches, jewelry and money. The Military Police mobilized in pursuit of the suspects, but they were not found. The Civil Police reported that already has clues of one of the robbers.

    Original (in portuguese).
    05-01-2014 07:29 PM
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