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  1. rodan01's Avatar
    Rumors are that Microsoft will ship two versions of Windows 9, one oriented for the consumer market, and the Pro version for the enterprise and "prosumer" market. I think this will happen:

    The consumer version will be based on the merge of Windows RT and Windows Phone. There will be two interfaces: A new desktop interface with start menu, revamped with a Modern design, this will be the default for non-touch devices and for users that can't adapt. And the current Modern UI interface (start screen, app switching at the left, without desktop) as a default for tablets and convertibles. So, not both at the same time, that's confusing, the user have to chose one.

    This version will be free without limits. For all the form factors (desktop, laptop, tablet and phone), all the screen sizes 3-inch to +100-inch, for new and existing devices. Everything that has enough hardware to run Windows 9 can be upgraded for free, even Chromebooks and Macs.

    But this version won't support legacy x86 desktop apps, that's the catch. A new app type will join the Universal apps: “Desktop Store Apps”. This is just a Store App with an UI optimized for keyboard and mouse (menus, toolbar, context menu, datagrid, etc.). This is important for productivity apps, for example, Photoshop, Visual Studio and line of business applications. For content consumption Desktop Store Apps aren't needed.

    This version will be easy to use, zero maintenance. Secure, virus free, all the apps are installed from the Store. Optimized for low end hardware, optimized for low power consumption (amazing battery life). Compatible with Intel and ARM. Small footprint, just a couple of GB of storage. And absolutely free for everyone, that means massive adoption.

    A couple of new devices would be possible:

    A convertible with 10-inch screen, detachable keyboard, 8gb of storage, 1gb of ram, for $100. A laptop and tablet for $100?!! This would exterminate the Android tablet in emerging markets.

    A 5-inch phablet, quad core cpu, 1gb of ram, with a dock station, keyboard and mouse for $150. Yes, the phone can run tablet and desktop store apps and project the UI in a scree through HDMI or DSLR. That could even make Windows Phone popular.

    The Windows 9 Pro version will be compatible with legacy x86 desktop apps and maintains the license cost.

    This is the Windows 9 that will bring back Microsoft to the top of the consumer market and extend the domination in the enterprise to mobile. The Chromebook killer, the Android tablet killer, the iPad killer.. phones are more difficult, but It would help.
    05-09-2014 03:33 AM
  2. ajst222's Avatar
    Where are these rumors coming from? I haven't heard of any of this.
    05-10-2014 02:31 PM
  3. Azurus's Avatar
    who are you to assume such rumors !!!
    05-11-2014 11:18 PM
  4. Mike Gibson's Avatar
    I think you're confused on some of the details. The free RT version won't have a "Desktop" or Start Menu because it won't run Win32 programs. It won't have a significantly smaller footprint than the current RT (the OS on the non-Pro Surfaces) because that doesn't contain all the Win32 infrastructure.

    There's no reason to believe that FreeRT will be anymore successful than the current PaidRT. No one wants a new ecosystem. MSFT screwed up by trying to create a new ecosystem. They thought that the troubles they were having with consumers was because of the Win32 ecosystem ... but it wasn't the Windows group causing the problems, it was their Live/Bing/etc app groups that couldn't make a hit. Google's rise to dominance was based on Win32 programs like MSIE, FireFox, and Chrome!
    05-11-2014 11:41 PM
  5. rodan01's Avatar
    Sorry the confusion, the rumors are just about the consumer oriented sku based on RT. Foley said it, she has good sources. All the rest are just conjectures.

    The free version will have an optional Desktop, that's obvious. Microsoft did the U turn and brought back the start menu and windowed Store Apps to Windows 8. They already learned the lesson. I think It will be a redesigned desktop, very simple.

    The footprint is going to be a lot smaller because they are building from the subset, Windows Phone will be the base and they just need to add enough to run the Store apps.

    It's impossible to develop complex productivity apps with a touch optimized interface, Mouse and keyboard have many advantages. Right now, if you want to develop for Mouse and Keyboard you have to use legacy Desktop technology, It doesn't integrate well with the new Windows and the code can't be shared with tablet and phone apps. They have to align all their development efforts in one technology. They need this new kind of Universal app, so developers can reuse 80%-90% of the code and target desktop, tablet and phone with the best UI for each kind of device.

    Most people doesn't need the old Windows. They primarily use the browser, some games, Office, and that's it. A lightweight and secure OS is needed.

    The differences with Windows RT:
    *It's free, It can be installed in any machine for Free.
    *It's not a confusing product that makes you think every time you interact with the OS. The user chose desktop or Modern UI and from that point there is consistency.
    *The Store has more apps, and It will have productivity apps for mouse and keyboard.
    *Cheap hardware. It runs better than Chrome OS in low end hardware.
    *Amazing battery life measured in days in current laptops.
    *Lighter and thinner laptops, without spinning hard drives and with smaller batteries.
    *Converged devices are possible. Phones and tablets that run apps optimized for mouse and keyboard with good performance.
    *More people is ready to ditch the old Windows, they understand that a simpler OS is better for them. Mobile devices are helping to change the paradigm.
    Last edited by rodan01; 05-15-2014 at 07:48 PM.
    05-15-2014 07:29 PM

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