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    Is it time to abandon Windows Phone?

    Sorry about this drama post, and my bad English skill. But it's kind of sad when I lost my faith on my favorite OS...

    From what I can see, MS are doing nothing to keep there fan stay with them anymore...
    I'm a long term Windows OS user. And the only reason to me using WP is I though they would fully support WP to integrate with Windows OS. And 2 year passed, they've done nothing!

    I'm using OneDrive from the time there are no Outlook.com and still have the name SkyDrive Live. Until now they still can't sync a Shared Folder! I still have to use Dropbox for teamwork.

    I love MS Office and I really happy when they released Office Online. And I can say, It's worse than Wordpad! 3 years after Office Web App and still have no "Ruler" or "Freeze Panes"! And they're make a better version of Office for iOS and Android?! What? I still have to use Google Drive for teamwork.

    I using Skype from the 5th version. When MS bought it, i though skype will be more improve and more support for mobile... Well, Skype for mobile suck! And Skype for WP are worse than I could imagine!

    I bought Lumia520 when they debuted, and I felt in love with Game Hub and Music Hub on WP8. Then Wp8.1 released my heart broke when Game Hub became trash and Music Hub can't even slide to side to show playlist like normal music app... Well, I never touch the new Game "Hub" again and using MixRadio to listen to music.

    And another new feature on WP8.1? Like I care? If I want those feature too bad, I already bought an Android or iPhone device... What I need is some device and service that make my life easier, not harder! I don't want to using up to 3 cloud service just because the lacking features of Onedrive! I don't want to wait an hour just to make Skype loading all the chat logs on my phone! I want a "Ruler" in my Word Online and "Frezee Panes" and I don't want to use Office Desktop because I need to do it online with my team!!! I want my Tumblr app getting the lastest update on my phone!!! AARRRGGG!!!!

    Yesterday... When I readed a news that MS started to kill off Xbox WP game, I start to think that "Does WP worth it?".

    Then I remembered, I bought a WP device because MS said they with make Windows and Windows Phone more interactive... I dream on that one day I can use my WP to control my PC and vice versa... Well, now Apple did it with iOS devices! Same as Google with Android devices! And my needs on smartphone now growing. In the pass, I only need Call, Text, Facebook and Internet but now I need more... I need Puzzle&Dragon, Tumblr, Skype, Youtube, Office-app-that-not-suck, bla bla...

    So, this is my conclusion: When the year of 2014 ended and Microsoft still done nothing to improve Windows Phone OS enough, I will have to purchase a new smartphone that not WP!

    I will keep Surface Pro 2 because what I need are on Desktop not Modern app and a Wacom pen.
    I've lost all faith in Microsoft and their Windows Phone OS... I hope they will not screw up Windows OS too much in the future...

    Sorry again about my drama post...

    P/s: I don't care about Bing because it always suck in my country like forever!
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    07-10-2014 11:47 AM
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    I read the post only because it was clear to see how pissed you are and you needed to vent... But i'm wondering; while writing this did you at any point stop and think how pointless it actually is? Ok you have lost all faith in MS and WP, but keep it short :) A simple goodbye and "i'm not coming back 'till they fix everything wrong with 8.1" would've also worked. I'm happy you have found the features you need to make your life easier elsewhere and I wish you the best of luck :)
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    07-10-2014 02:26 PM
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    Op your frustration and disappointment seems common recently.
    These complaints are not unfounded and have seen intense discussion here on WPC.

    These threads usually bring even more aggravation and conflict.
    I'm sure you will understand the reasoning for closing this.

    Thank you for commenting.
    07-10-2014 02:35 PM

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