1. psgenious's Avatar
    07-12-2014 10:20 PM
  2. peacefulberry's Avatar
    Saw the article earlier but didn't read it, so I just looked at it... seems kind of cool. I hope the "personal cloud" doesn't duplicate files and cause another "other" storage issue. Other than that it seems pretty interesting.
    07-12-2014 10:44 PM
  3. MarCou's Avatar
    Anyone else who feels that it seems more like an Android launcher?

    And something more intresting, Nokia is developing its Z launcher to Android that supposed to do something like this.
    Do they start war and patent trolling against each others immediatly.
    Last edited by MarCou; 07-13-2014 at 02:57 AM.
    07-13-2014 02:39 AM
  4. JamesPTao's Avatar
    I wonder if this will come up I. Their new 3d tech under the me hub. It would actually get me using it again.
    07-13-2014 02:53 AM

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