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    I believe that one of the new Windows Design language branding has just been uncovered. "Material Design", etc. Although, since this is a platform of some sorts, would this be like a private Microsoft Tools platform that only they would use, like Unity or something? I'm just guessing..

    We've heard this a few times from various sources. One operating system to rule them all. One operating system for phones, tablets, computers, and Xbox. It looks like the framework for that operating system is being referred to as Windows OneCore. A job listing has surfaced, giving us a peek at what OneCore might be about.

    "The XAML team is building the UI framework at the core of the 'One Microsoft' OS. Our framework is used by hundreds of thousands of developers, including many teams at Microsoft. Our goal is to provide the best modern UI framework, which is integral to the success of our platform and ecosystem," the job listing reads.

    Microsoft is hard at work in creating a UI platform and developer experience for all of the company's devices. This is nothing new -- as we have heard numerous times that Microsoft has been looking to merge Windows RT with Windows Phone. Microsoft seems focused on creating one operating system for all platforms -- including Xbox.

    "Our charter includes: Enabling developers to create UI that works well across all of our devices: phones, tablets, PCs, and the Xbox. Creating rich new controls that provide end users with delightful interaction and high usability. Expanding the capabilities of our platform to increase developer productivity - getting more apps to market, faster. Dramatically enhancing the performance of our framework to enable the creation of complex and fluid UI," the job listing adds.

    The job listing doesn't directly refer to the name "OneCore." Instead, the name OneCore has been spotted in various materials, with one of them in a work history of a Microsoft employee. The other recent reference of OneCore is in the LinkedIn profile of a Microsoft intern.

    This intern, as mentioned on his LinkedIn profile, is working on porting "trademark Windows Phone features" for use in any Windows operating environment through Windows OneCore. This hints at many Windows Phone features that could make their way to future versions of Windows, including Cortana -- something Microsoft has confirmed in the past.

    It is apparent that Microsoft wants to create one centralized framework so app developers can have an easier time creating and monetizing apps. Microsoft recently announced a single Windows Dev Center website, making it easier for app developers to learn and create apps for both platforms. This is yet another step towards the company's journey to a single unified Windows platform.

    So what about Windows Threshold? Well, Threshold is the codename for the next update/release of Windows. Threshold is the codename for this particular release, meaning were not too sure what it will actually be called when it launches. Its highly likely that this release will be called Windows 9 to further distance itself from the Windows 8 brand name, but with recent rumors claiming Windows 9 is coming after Threshold, were not entirely sure. ..
    Winbeta: Breaking the Threshold with Windows OneCore: a modern UI framework that works across all devices

    Windows OneCore could be the new evolution of Metro, or Windows Modern style at this point. I think its a little funny they don't mention Browser in their Microsoft job listing, as they now have several apps up on live.com I'm hoping we get a handful of apps to debut alongside Threshold and Windows 9, as well as the debut of "Windows" apps for Xbox One as well, etc. And how does this integrate with Jerry Berg's "Something Amazing" insinuations, or is that not a thing anymore?

    I'm honestly hoping that we get more apps on Xbox One, like HBO Go, or Spotify to debut sometime soon in general. What do you guys think this Windows OneCore means?
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    07-21-2014 02:18 AM
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    Sounds like a universal platform for devs to build their apps on, and have them transpose onto different devices in terms of UI and coding with little or no effort - can't wait!!!
    07-21-2014 02:57 AM
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    I just realized. OneNote, OneDrive, OneCore! Very clever, and awesome!
    07-21-2014 03:03 AM
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    And Xbox One
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    07-21-2014 03:15 AM
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    Interesting. I'd like more integration between the WP, tablet, PC and XBOX.

    *If I set an alarm or reminder on WP, and I'm working in the PC, I should be notified in the PC.
    *Like in the Mac I should be able to answer a phone call or a text message from the PC.
    *The ability to turn on/off the PC from the phone. "Cortana, turn on/off the pc".

    Universal app should be more than a convenience for developers, It should allow a continual user experience.
    *If I'm writing an email on the phone, with a simple command I should be able to open the mail app in the PC and continue with the mail with a keyboard.
    *I'm watching a movie/playing a game in the road, when I arrive home I should be able to continue in my XBOX/PC with just a simple command.
    *If I'm interested in a photo on Instagram, and I want to see it bigger. With a simple command I should be able to open the instagram app in the PC in that photo.
    *A web site run like sh.. in the phone, just a command to open it in a tablet/desktop/xbox.

    Ubuntu Edge
    *Microsoft should standardize the protocol of wireless keyboard and mouse, and incorporate the hardware in all their devices, including phones, without the need of a dongle. So, if I'm writing a mail on the phone, I could connect a wireless keyboard to go faster.
    *The phone should be capable of running the -new universal desktop apps- and project them in big screen through DLNA. So, If I'm in the girlfriend's house watching a movie, and someone call me from work as an emergency, I should be able to say: "girlfriend, go to the kitchen and cook something, I need 15 minutes to work", and convert the TV in a workstation with access to a desktop interface with my business software, secure email, projecting those applications on the TV, and using a wireless keyboard and mouse.
    *Microsoft should sell a $300 phone that replace the PC.
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    07-21-2014 10:37 AM
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    ... I should be able to say: "girlfriend, go to the kitchen and cook something...
    I definitely want THAT ONE! I would call her as ONEgirlfriend.

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    07-21-2014 06:26 PM
  7. rodan01's Avatar
    I definitely want THAT ONE! I would call her as ONEgirlfriend.

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    That would sell a lot of phones.
    07-21-2014 11:00 PM

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