08-08-2016 03:40 AM
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  1. Terry Bernstein's Avatar
    There are definitley aspects of poor design that Microsoft should have polished better. As well as the poor alphabetic only list of programmes (aka apps) the calendar app is pretty clumsy and frankly opaque; adding a new calendar item is realy complicated and unintuitive. First it defaults to "all day" and hides the time options. How many people usually book whole days for a single activity/venue? Instead you first have to find the time options, which means that you have to change " all day" to a (start) time before you can next choose "more details" otherwise when you get in there you don't get offered a chance to set a time slot. Only when you've done that can you go on to the "more details" section to actually put the times and stuff in, but you still can't put in the end time. Oh no. You can put in an amount of time in the "how long" box , from a list of parts of up to one hour, or else two whole hours or you have to choose "custom". But since often and arguably mostly people allocate a start and end time that's not very helpful,. Once in the "How long" box you have selected "custom" it finally lets you put in the end time.
    The video player (aka Xbox) is poor and fussy and not nice to use, which seems to be because it is mostly there to play stuff that they are trying to foist off onto users, rather than our own stuff.
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    09-17-2014 04:52 PM
  2. ekalyvio's Avatar
    Although the Windows Phone O/S seems to be gaining traction around the world, Microsoft hasnt yet proved that it can be a real competitor to either Android or iOS. Hundreds of types of applications are missing from the Windows Phone store either because the Windows Phone O/S has plenty restrictions or there is not the appropriate hardware (in the phones) to support these applications.

    Lets take as an example the inexistence of custom lock screen apps. Such kind of apps category requires plenty of discussion whether it should exist or not. The problem is that the users are not allowed to use any kind of special type lock screen apps. For example, such an app, could allow the user to unlock the phone after drawing a custom pattern with their fingers on the screen. Having so many restrictions on the phone O/S the developers are forced to create apps that are not in any case innovative.

    Another type of apps category that is missing plenty of functionality is the health & fitness category. Microsoft hasnt added any support for ANT+ devices (see thisisant(dot)com and en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/ANT+). This is an alternative to Bluetooth low energy protocol but it is being used by plenty of manufacturers that are creating mostly health related hardware devices (e.g. heart rate monitors, speed sensors, activity monitors, pulse oximeters, temperature sensors, etc.). The inability of the operating system to support such kind of devices, keeps fitness freaks outside of the Windows Phone market.
    Getting a look around the internet and searching for some interesting statistics in that specific category of applications I got amazed on what I found. The graph on this link indicates that 70% of the U.S. internet users are accessing at least once daily health & fitness related apps. Also, for the same time period, 30% of the users are using Goal tracking apps and 27% Motivation apps in such health & fitness category (www(dot)statista(dot)com/statistics/298033/us-health-and-fitness-app-usage-reasons/).

    Just for your information, the health & fitness market, is a market that is going to boom over the next couple of years. Large hardware manufacturers like Fitbit, Nike, Withings & Garmin (to mention some) are developing specialized kind of sensors, electronic devices and fitness trackers (software or hardware) that are intended to be used by users in such fast growing market.

    All these manufacturers are also creating specialized software that interact with these sensors/devices and give to their end-users endless possibilities to track their health habits. The following link (www(dot)imore(dot)com/ultimate-fitness-tracker-comparison-fitbit-flex-vs-jawbone-up24-vs-nike-fuelband-se-vs-garmin) contains a review of 4 such fitness trackers (just to get an idea). The Windows Phone operating system seems to lag behind this niche market and is required to make big steps to enter and rule it.

    The fact that the new Windows Phone 8.1 O/S does not allow the new Windows Phone 8.1 applications to run on the background makes the things much worst. Although WP8 was allowing the execution of location tracking apps on the background, Microsoft has removed that capability in the new WP 8.1 apps from their OS taking a step backward and leaving developers with hands up. This movement does not give any space to health & fitness related software houses to create state of the art applications and to innovate.

    There are hundreds of thousands of users that are buying smartphones with a primary goal to use them as fitness trackers. It is much cheaper for them to buy a $1 or $2 app to do their tasks instead of buying specialized hardware that costs at least $100. Such user base is not going to move to the Windows Phone platform unless Microsoft proceeds to some rapid changes.

    I (as a person & developer) am real fan of the Windows Phone ecosystem and I believe that it can do much more than it is currently doing. Without our voices, Microsoft is not going to change a lot in their mobile O/S. We (the users and the developers) are the driving force of such O/S and we are the ones that we are going to drive such O/S into a big success.
    On the other hand, Microsoft has created a user voice web site where developers can give feedback and vote on Missing Platform functionality. Microsoft for sure is hearing our voices and drives the development of their Windows Phone O/S based on user/developer requests. One of the requests in this web site describes the inability of the Windows Phone 8.1 O/S to run applications in the background (at least for location tracking).

    If you are passionate Windows Phone lover & interested in seeing the O/S giving endless possibilities to its users (especially for fitness related apps), please, go to the following web page and give your vote:

    Please, let me know your comments bellow. I would be happy to do a conversation about that.
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    09-18-2014 02:00 AM
  3. JamesPTao's Avatar
    It would be nice if there was some kind of option to have preset start screens. making it possible to switch from a work mode to personal and have a completely different start screen/app layout. I get tired of swapping out or having to have all my apps on my start screen things get too cluttered after awhile.
    You should start a thread on WP user voice site for this its a great idea. Older phones before smart phones that I owned had a work/personal switch whether it be by button or time that would reconfigure the phone and I loved it. And the concept is simple work or home.
    09-18-2014 02:20 AM
  4. haikallp's Avatar
    Like many of you mentioned, the app store is pathetic compared to Android or iOS, especially on the games front. There are many games still not available in the windows phone store.

    Getting apps is one thing, constant updates of those apps are another. There are many popular apps that have since been abandoned by the devs.
    09-27-2014 02:03 AM
  5. teller34's Avatar
    They need to overhaul the windows store/stores. They're much more difficult to search than their competitors.
    10-03-2014 12:06 PM
  6. missionsparta's Avatar
    Really? They can't figure this out? How about you start listening to us and giving us what we ask for? We have told you a thousand times what to do to fix Xbox Music and Video. We also gave option two which is dump it and go back to Zune. We get neither. Even more insulting is the vote for what we want set up they have. After the number one thing is bring back Zune by about 25,000,000 votes, they delete that option as to say "we know better about what you should want than you do, and you don't need Zune".

    With Apple, when the people scream they want something, you can bet they will get it 9 out of ten times. With Microsoft you will get it 1 out of 20 times.

    They flat our do not listen to their customer base.
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    10-03-2014 12:16 PM
  7. Terry Bernstein's Avatar
    They flat our do not listen to their customer base.

    As much as I like Microsoft's stuff, this has long been the complaint about them: Giving the public what they think we ought to want. And then going all sulky if we don't.
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    10-03-2014 03:59 PM
  8. missionsparta's Avatar
    They flat our do not listen to their customer base.

    As much as I like Microsoft's stuff, this has long been the complaint about them: Giving the public what they think we ought to want. And then going all sulky if we don't.
    I know. Totally agree. We have practically given them the blueprints on how to do this, and they are almost to arrogant to believe someone may know better than them. I realize I dont know business strategies, coding, etc....but for Christ sake...I know what I want.

    Is anyone from Microsoft listening? If your want, I'll come in and explain what the majority of us want.

    I already mentioned the media handling. How about you guys stop telling us how great s product is then dumping it at the blink of an eye. Bing is the most recent. You pushed is on Bing everything then pull the rug out from underneath it and announce MSN everything. Why?

    Start listening to your fan base.... Not the angry Microsoft pro Apple floppies. You already lost them. They aren't coming back. You know why you killed Zune? Because Apple people made fun of it. They never even tried it. They just said it sucked because they don't want ant thing out there but Apple products. Zune sucked to them even if it shot out $100 bills every five minutes to them. Those who used it loved it. So you killed one of your most polished and greatest products just to appease people who aren't giving you a dime to begin with.

    Stop with the cloud first crap. Cloud is nice for some but it sucks for the great majority of us that have data limits. When I dont have to worry about data limits I am mainly at him one....at which point I DONT NEED THE CLOUD. We need phones more memory. 128gb should be offered in all high end Microsoft phones. The SD card thing shows to many incompatibility ability issues and is often pointed to as the root cause of problems. Give us hard data storage.

    Give us a video service like Amazon Prime. Let us pay an extra $5 a month on our Gold Xbox membership to get unlimited streaming. Then make it possible to download videos to the video app in a locked location that automatically deleted in a set time period. If Amazon can negotiate this, you can.

    Xbox Music and Video only works as a touch app for playing music and watching videos (and it even sucks at that). You cant manage anything with those big clunky buttons. Rebrand the original Desktop Zune as Xbox Media Desktop AND CHANGE NOTHING ELSE ON IT. Allow us to use that desktop app to make the necessary changes to the music and video metadata and tagging. Get rid of the **** sync apps and make all syncing performed under this desktop app.

    Get together with fame developers and figure out how to make Xbox Games on Windows Phone worth it. Get a steady flow of games coming WEEKLY. To help make this a mobile gaming experience, create a version of the Xbox controller that has a

    docking gap, that case manufactures can make trays to fit their cases, allowing the phones to be snapped into them as the gaming screen.

    When you come out with a new product....the first Microsoft Phones for example...and you show them on stage for the first time, the preordering for it should be available the FOLLOWING DAY. Not two months later when the buzz is gone. You show it, you take orders, and you ship them. Not you show it, you celebrate Christmas, you celebrate the fourth of July, you take orders, you celebrate Thanksgiving, and then you ship it.

    I have already ranted long enough. Sorry fellas.

    Sorry about the grammar...using the Windows Phone app and it seems sluggish in the forums and makes a mess out of a lot of my typing.
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    10-04-2014 04:42 AM
  9. t.mehoves's Avatar
    It needs Paypal Here, Square, or something/anything that works. There is zero REAL choices, and people are getting even more lazy these days. For example, I really do not want to accept credit cards in my line of work. The customers disagree because the person before me had it and could take them. I would bring my windows tablet with me if it would help but there is zero help there as well. I will hold out for how ever long it takes, but I know a few people that are about to switch because of this simple reason. Sell and buy anything anymore and people just whip out the plastic.
    10-05-2014 09:13 PM
  10. rayamedia's Avatar
    I miss unified mail. I have 4 accounts and have to go through each on wp
    10-07-2014 11:09 AM
  11. Nebel's Avatar
    After being on Android for 4-5 or so years and switched to WP 8.1, I must admit, I'm liking Windows a lot. But Microsoft must do something to make app developers start working on Windows apps. I really miss Swiftkey and PowerAMP from Android. Facebook/Badoo apps are also better on Android.
    I love Nokia (my first Nokia phone since N95, which was looong time ago) and because of them I will not go back to Android, but if they make an Android phone, it will suddenly become very tempting. Windows phones need better software.
    10-09-2014 12:36 PM
  12. crowng82's Avatar
    As a long term Microsoft fan I have 1520, Surface Tablet, Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet, Xbox one, and all of Microsoft Services, I can say that Microsoft didn't do enough to push convince existing customers not to switch from windows phone.

    I've used 4 Different Windows Phone Devices and I've been using Windows Phone for almost 2 years now.
    - Lumia 920
    - Lumia 520
    - Lumia 720
    - Lumia 1520

    I won't deny that i was impressed by it in the beginning, I loved it, and still love it but wish for Windows Phone to be the best Phone OS out there, but as time passes by, I notice that Windows Phone is a huge compromise in almost every aspect, even after the last Developers Preview update. IMHO it seems like Microsoft is lost, they do not know what they want, they are trying new ways to gain new grounds in the market, however they care less about the "already existing" Customers, and they forgot the existing customers, and this is a major problem, because a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.
    And the more more seems like they are trying to cut the spending on Windows Phone as much as they can, and that seems obvious because of:

    A. Windows Phone is still having Notification Issues with all the apps.
    B. No Matter how big the update were, WP Still Lags behind the Competition in many ways, and these updates did not add that much of value to the existing features.
    C. Two Years IMO is more than enough to make Windows Phone Succeed and fix all the major and minor issues, and that didn't happen.
    D. Microsoft Services and Apps on Windows Phone lags behind the competition, which means they don't even support their own OS well enough to be as good as the one they made for the competitors.
    E. The Music App Is low Quality app, despite Microsoft pushing an update every now and then, it needs a new UI, the one they have right now is rubbish and makes WP Look like a phone from the 90's.
    F. The Video App is still not as good as the paid apps in the store.

    Now After Two years with Windows Phone 8 - 8.1 - Cyan and even the new developers preview update are supposed to be better than the competition in terms of supporting Microsoft services like Skype in its own platform which wasn't working well on windows phone ever since I've known it.

    I've tried Skype on IOS or Android, and by far Windows Phone Version is the worst, it's rubbish, it misses all the notifications, you won't believe this but even the Calls Sound Quality on IPhone 5s - 6 was WAY BETTER than all the flagship Windows Phone I've used, and Skype on IOS Delivers the Notifications in time, which is supposed to be much better on Windows Phone, but Microsoft Won't fix that either in all the 5 or 6 updates I've got so far in all the devices I've had.

    like a year ago I convinced my wife to switch to windows phone, 6 months later she threw the phone and got an iPhone, and i understand why, especially that we use Skype a lot, and because of the rubbish windows phone Apps, and lack of support from Microsoft to it's own loyal customers we have a lost of missed calls on daily basis, even though we pay for cellular internet.

    Moreover after the last Os update it freezing and never works, as a long committing Microsoft fan, if the Android or IOS Versions were broken, they would've fixed it in a matter of hours, but we Windows Phone users have to suffer which isn't acceptable.

    I know some of you will be like, I don't Skype that much, or My Skype Seems fine, but for God's sake don't we deserve to have a good phone especially that we paid for it?
    - Don't we deserve to have our Notifications delivered in time,
    - Don't we deserve to have our Apps Work Flawlessly on our Phones?
    - Don't we deserve better apps that do not show "Resuming..." all the time?

    Microsoft as a company has billions, but we save a lot of money to buy their phones, and eventually we expect to have good phones , not less than any other phone out there, we pay money for these phones, we don't pay half the price, and we should expect a good reliable Phone OS.

    Honestly, I hate Google, and Apple. And Yes, I love Microsoft, But Microsoft needs to take criticisms seriously, and we should not pretend that everything is okay anymore, either they fix the OS or not expect anyone to stay using this half baked Rubbish Phone OS.

    Despite everything they've done, this is a very slow progress, and now they are thinking about Windows 10, without Fixing Windows 8.1 is just a joke, and saying that they will deliver it to windows phone in 2015 is even worse.

    It's sad to say that Microsoft still has a long journey to have a good reliable Phone OS, and now the fact that they talked about Windows 10, it's sad to say that even Windows 10 needs a lot of work, which will repeat the same story with windows phone.

    I don't understand for how long do we have to wait get a good reliable OS that we can be happy to use, it's frustrating, at least allow Microsoft Services to run will on your own phone, better than or equal to the other platforms, that's a sad and silly joke.

    In order for Microsoft to Succeed in the mobile world they need to hand over all of Microsoft employees a windows phone to use it as the main daily activities phone, to see how frustrated their employees will be in a very short period of time, then compare it's WP OS with the competition and understand the huge differences between the competition and Windows Phone.

    Even Tom Warren Switched to Iphone 6 Now.

    What a Shame!

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    10-09-2014 04:45 PM
  13. windows920's Avatar
    I agree. For the past 2 years I have been rocking my 920 and its been great. So the time came for an upgrade but the problem was nothing really intrigued me from Nokia/MS or any other WP manufacturer. Also lately I've been getting annoyed by the quality of the apps on the platform. With all of that in mind I jumped the ship and went with a One Plus One, so far its been a great experience, excellent battery and excellent app quality. But I will miss my 920 for sure and will keep an eye out what MS has in store late next year or 2016 when I upgrade again.
    10-09-2014 06:12 PM
  14. Timtcee's Avatar
    I have been a strong and vocal supporter of windows phone ever since my first HTC Trophy with WP7. Sure we didn't have that many major apps but I loved the fluidity of the live tiles, I loved how they made my phone look "alive" and active rather than the stagnant screen of the Android I tried first but returned after 10 days. I never really cared about the apps. I'm not a teenager so I really only check Facebook and I have twitter and instagram so I can see what my niece and nephew are up to but I own a smart phone because I want my life to be easier and more organized and more convenient.

    I want my smart phone to pay for things, I want it to help me control and keep an eye on my home. I have Insteon but it is very inferior, the cameras don't always work and connection is sometimes an issue. I'm happy that WP now has most of the major social apps and bank apps and airline apps but it can't stop there. I want my phone to have the smaller company apps, the start up apps. Like plastic.com, this cool credit card for everything but windows phone is not supported by plastic.com. I'm tired of sending an e-mail to these company's asking if they will be supporting WP and have them reply that the market share is not big enough for them to focus on yet.

    If it wasn't for Cortana I would have left WP and not just upgraded my 822 to the Icon. But Microsoft needs to do more, they need to innovate and not just follow. They need to give people a reason to switch from the iPhone or Android so that more company's will support our smart phone operating system and more people will choose a WP so market share will grow. Why would someone with an iPhone switch to a WP? I can not think of one good reason right now.

    I have two years on my new Icon. If Microsoft can't think outside the box and increase WP market share I most likely will be getting an iPhone and I'm not happy about it.
    10-10-2014 08:38 AM
  15. Toan Le's Avatar
    I feel sad to see another WP user switching to iOS...

    Yeah, if the problem is apps, credit cards, bank apps, etc... then sad to say, it isn't going to be solved any soon. We can't just ask for companies to support WP just with a few emails, and Microsoft can't increase WP market share that fast.

    If talk about WP, it's a great OS, really great OS. But who cares? Most people buy a smartphone for apps - see Android? And most of the rest just follow the trend - yeah, iPhones. So, what's left for WP? Yes, MS has really been putting lots of efforts to it, but that's not enough to change the way people think about Windows Phone. In short, it's like this:

    Lack of apps -> not attracting users -> low market share -> poor support from companies -> lack of apps... And the cycle continues.

    Really sorry to see another user switching, but in this case - apps and support from companies, yeah, I can hardly say anything to defense Windows Phone.
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    10-10-2014 08:49 AM
  16. primortal's Avatar
    @Timtcee you should send this to Joe B if possible. I don't know how many Microsoft employee peruse these forums that would get this back to him.

    The more we reach them an express our issues/concerns there's more of a chance things will get addressed.
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    10-10-2014 09:10 AM
  17. Timtcee's Avatar
    @Timtcee you should send this to Joe B if possible. I don't know how many Microsoft employee peruse these forums that would get this back to him.

    The more we reach them an express our issues/concerns there's more of a chance things will get addressed.
    @primortal. I don't know how to send this to Joe. I would if I did. But I'm sure he's aware of how those of us that love WP feel
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    10-10-2014 09:23 AM
  18. dby2011's Avatar
    I wouldnt get iOS- Android is a better fit if you switch. HERE maps are now on Samsung phones, all sevices like Office, Onedrive, Skype etc is on Android. You can use a 128gb sdcard in Android devices instead of paying huge amounts of money for a 128gb iPhone. Qi charging is supported for a lot of Android phones (if you used Qi charging for your Windows phone this is a big plus), Android (like Windows Phone) does not tie you to Software to put music on your phone like Apple does, you wouldn't need new cords to charge an Android phone unlike Apple which uses a proprietarty cord, and finally S Voice or Google Voice is much closer to what Cortana offers as opposed to Siri. I really don't know why anyone would go from Windows to IOS unless they are given a free iPhone or something. The transition to Android would be much easier.
    10-10-2014 09:41 AM
  19. mj0's Avatar
    Android (like Windows Phone) does not tie you to Software to put music on your phone like Apple does
    How do you put music on a Windows Phone device without synching it with either your iTunes or your Windows Media Player library? I've tried unsuccessfully to do just that - copying the files with Windows Explorer results in thousands of unknown artist / unknown album / filename.mp3 files in Xbox music but synchronizing it with my iTunes library on my Mac using the Windows Phone application for OS X does the trick.
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    10-10-2014 09:46 AM
  20. dby2011's Avatar
    How do you put music on a Windows Phone device without synching it with either your iTunes or your Windows Media Player library? I've tried unsuccessfully to do just that - copying the files with Windows Explorer results in thousands of unknown artist / unknown album / filename.mp3 files in Xbox music but synchronizing it with my iTunes library on my Mac using the Windows Phone application for OS X does the trick.
    I just do drag and drop to my sdcard-haven't had the duplicate issue you talk about since the Black update. You need to realize you need iTunes to put music on an iPhone. If your computer crashes you are out of luck since you can't put music that is on your phone back on your PC. Your option is to buy a third party utility to do it.
    10-10-2014 10:00 AM
  21. mj0's Avatar
    You drag and drop using Windows Explorer or some sort of special software? And afterwards your music shows up under the artist's name and album name? Because it doesn't for me, as well as many others - despite being tagged correctly it all shows up under unknown artist - unknown album - filename.mp3.

    Also, I never needed to put music back on my computer from my phone. If the computer crashes that's what backups are for ;)
    10-10-2014 10:10 AM
  22. Freeze Tluangtea Chhaks's Avatar
    I understand your Situation. Every one have their own way of thinking. People are getting ready to switch to Windows phone as they tired of holding Android or iOS, on the other hand, another people are getting ready to switch out form Windows Phone. For me, Windows phone have all I need, all I supposed to do. Might be i'll get some cheap Android phone for my second phone.
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    10-10-2014 10:20 AM
  23. dgr_874's Avatar
    I just do drag and drop to my sdcard-haven't had the duplicate issue you talk about since the Black update. You need to realize you need iTunes to put music on an iPhone. If your computer crashes you are out of luck since you can't put music that is on your phone back on your PC. Your option is to buy a third party utility to do it.
    Not exactly true.

    Any music that you have purchased from iTunes will be available for you to redownload on any Apple device or computer that you sign in with. If you use iTunes match ($25 a year), all of your music collection (once the initial matching and uploading is done) is available on all your computers or Apple devices.
    10-10-2014 10:30 AM
  24. ViciousJay's Avatar
    I would like to see a built in flash light and have it on the lock notification screen. Also can we add the camera to it as well. That would be 2 awesome updates.
    10-10-2014 12:14 PM
  25. bells0's Avatar
    I've moved from the last 5 years of iPhones to a 930 WP. I buy my phones outright so i can have a cheap sim only plan and can change anytime i want.

    The lack of a 32g iPhone 6 at a reasonable price pushed me to look elsewhere. And tbh, IOS became boring.

    My 930 was virtually half the price of changing my 5 to a 6, and is so much more interesting to use. The only downside so far is that apps arent as polished as IOS, but i'm sure that will get better. The camera, live tiles and screen means i can't leave my 930 alone!! Windows 10 looks pretty exciting too.

    Will always keep my iPad though......................
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    10-11-2014 04:55 AM
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