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    Excuse my pessimism
    I have been using Nokia since 5190, Ngage QD, E61, E71, N97 mini, N8, L900, L920, L1020 current L1520 ( you get it) I have dabbled with LG androids, BBos7 but just minor use.
    I love Nokia and what they offered. Loved Symbian and adopted WP. The OS is great and one of the best of the 3 others(IOS Android and BB10)
    Looking at the iOS event. Seriously, when people like myself says iPhones are 2-3yrs late on specs and feature? It seems that they take the time to prefect the feature it brings onto iPhone. NFC has been on Nokia, BB and I think Samsung, had this and bragged about it but did nothing to take advantage of this feature to the extent that apple is doing. Now when I say companies haven't used it, I mean it as used very minorly and now I am assuming that other companies are going to bump up their efforts in support of this. Along with the smartwatches, while a good job, their gonna bump up there effort in light of this event.
    Nokia now Microsoft has done alot with the OS. The hardware is BEST in market. The cross coding with other MS platforms (finally) is going to be great and knowing that google has made a disgusting effort to block WP platform growing.
    The efforts with Messenger, Skype and the connection between WP and Windows. Their is nothing with WP to say to the public choose us base on xyz. iOS is app selection and quality is the best, everything works the way it should and hardware is top notch. Android is open source, customization and app selection is huge. Blackberry HAD BBM as a force. What is their to say that WP has to drive consumers over or "the reason to get WP is because...." I know we have the great camera but, other companies have good cameras.
    I write this as I am feeling to move on to Apples new product. My 1520 is a killer phone and if it had half of what iPhone presents (not just hardware and software) to the market, Apple fanboys would run to WP IMO.
    Asides from Here apps keeping me on, MS products won't be missed as you can find all on iOS and Android.
    What are your thoughts on this?
    09-10-2014 05:14 PM
  2. jabtano's Avatar
    They do seam to do better with ios and android, I can see the mind set that they have, yet then need to be as equally aggressive with their own products. Problem is in Microsoft everything is broken down into divisions bing, WP, Xbox etc so the right hand never knows what the left is doing..
    09-10-2014 05:48 PM

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