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    I have mentioned this idea in a few threads, I know it would be late in the game for MS to bring this device to the market, but it would help make some more sense to Xbox music.

    So what do I want and why do I want it.

    I work on a motorcycle and am on the bike at least 10+ hours a day, I plug a Sony Walkman into my in helmet speakers and listen to music nearly all the time (I just pull out the plug when I need to talk to people), I don't like using my phone for this as it would use the battery and I always like to have plenty of reserve battery for emergency use, I would hate to end up with no battery to make an urgent call because I had been listening to music all day.

    A device about the size of a Lumia 520, a good sized battery that could play music constantly for at least 24 hours, a screen with some basic metro tiles for music, settings, maybe a radio and for the ones who want video playback, I wouldn't be a bad thing to have a camera, but not vital for me. A really nice feature would be a SD card facility, and storage for a couple of hundred albums, 16 or 32g should do, but 64 would be nicer.

    But the main thing is the ability to link to Xbox Music, especially as I have a music pass.

    At the moment my Sony can only play my local music, it has no knowledge of my collection on Xbox Music, especially the downloaded part of it, it really would be nice to take that out on the road with me.

    So it should play local MP3 files and also play my downloaded songs without having an internet connection until I reconnect it to my laptop, Surface or indeed my 1520 WP.

    OK I admit my 1520 has a superb battery and would easily cope, I could also just go and buy a spare 520 and turn off most of it's facilities, throw away the sim etc, but a really nice dedicated music player would be better. MS would need to allow you to add another device to the four already in use for an Xbox music pass and I wouldn't mind if the music became unusable if you didn't connect the device to your base units once a month etc.

    Anyone else up for an Xbox music player ?

    09-13-2014 11:11 AM

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