12-18-2014 11:31 AM
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  1. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    Microsoft isn't trying hard enough. They have the hardware now. Where's the availability?
    09-25-2014 05:40 PM
  2. Nogitsune Micah's Avatar
    The One series sold way more Lumias last year. The M7 was HTC's best selling device ever and I've seen way more of them than Lumias or Windows devices in general.
    The M8 also sold a lot. Not as much as Samsung, but the HTC has more credit just because it's Android. Even though Lumia is synonymous with Windows, HTC is Android and Windows now.
    It's also a gateway. Making more Lumia's isn't going to convince the big names like Samsung and LG to dedicate money and time to Windows.
    I'm sorry but the HTC One for Windows JUST came out a month ago. HTC has always been Android and Windows lol....the one M8 for windows does not change anything except it is basically an android model with windows phone is the main difference. And HTC has largely been irrelevant for the past 4 years and currently still is even with the one M8. I guess we will see once it goes to At&t and tmo but for whatever reason I still don't think the M8 will be anything monumental(which is why I laughed at those who said I am threatened by the M8) simply because the M8 isn't even monumental on Android(When i briefly considered Android the other week, the guy was pushing LG and samsung actively....it wasn't until I MENTIONED HTC that he was like "oh it's a good phone.")

    In regards to sales....

    the HTC One(Flagship) sold 6.4 million for the entire year of 2013(and i am sure a little more with its other 2 in its family) vs 30 million sold for the Lumia family in 2013. So no the one series did NOT sell more than the lumia.

    I've seen more Lumia's than htc one's to be honest here in America and I've seen way more Galaxy and LG and even Moto X than i've seen htc one.

    Making more Lumias is exactly what is needed....
    While I am sure people would love a Samsung or an LG or Lenovo/Moto or Sony....

    Most people are wanting a Lumia 1030 and 1530 or updated 925.

    The articles on WPC and the forums and other WP enthusiast sites.

    People WANT more Lumia. Majority wants it and not something from Samsung or other people....

    A lot of people were disappointed with cancellation of Goldfinger and the upcoming 730 & 830 and have been stuck on phones like the 900 and 920 and chose to settle with the HTC one(or other platforms) for the time being until threshold.

    But most people DO want Lumia with better specs or design and Microsoft needs to give them that and stop relying on HTC and these other OEMs as well as release the hardware faster and updates sooner.
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    09-26-2014 09:33 AM
  3. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    Okay, I was wrong about the sales, haha. Whatever, happens to everyone.
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    09-29-2014 11:00 AM
  4. Sergio Andrade's Avatar
    In my humble opinion. at the time Im a happy user of a Lumia 920, and an iPhone 5. And previously i was an Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S owner. in my first experience the iPhone 4S against the Samsung, the 4S was unbeatable, it has a a better and faster reception, more battery life, and no lags comparing it Samsung S3. Now in this experience between Lumia and iPhone, both phones are completely equated in autonomy and Use fluency. both phones has no lags and respond immediately against my sisters S4. But, in this case (i don`t now why) the iphone 5 gets a terrible signal. its completely slow and most attempts to access internet or even whatsapp fail. While my 920 gets internet access without troubles and its GPS even without internet, is almost magical. Its true that windows phone doesnt have the same quantity of apps that iOS or Android have. But that is change. After having Android (with the S3), iOS with iPhone 4S or 5, and now Windows Phone with my Lumia, i can tell that:

    Equipment quality: Lumia. iPhone
    Signal Reception: Lumia
    Operative system stability: Lumia, iPhone
    Operative system Usability: Lumia, iPhone
    Battery Life: Lumia
    Photo/Video Camera: Lumia
    See videos: Lumia, S4 or S5
    Games/Apps: iOS, Android (for now)
    Editing Videos: iPhone, Lumia
    Editing Audio: iPhone
    Audio Recording: iPhone, S4 or S5
    Create/see documents (with the official packages for each OS): iPhone, S4 or S5
    Support and updates: iPhone, Lumia.

    For all that. Im going to purchase a Nokia Lumia 1520 in these days. And give away my 920 to my uncle. I hope i have been helpful
    12-18-2014 11:31 AM
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