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    i'm in the process of getting a winphone updating froim my 5800xm.
    on one hand i know there's a contact migration system between nokia and MS accounts so that's a good thing.

    now, i wanted to cleanup my outlook contact list but i find it's heavily polluted with messenger and skype contacts and general trash contacts as i don't use any MS service really and my outlook mail account are old dumps :S
    also the screen is quite user unfriendly, only 2 columns of thumbnails, no way to select groups or edit contact deail inside a group(group members are unclickable)

    I find that there's no way to create different contact lists, for example i don't really want nor care to have my existing skype/msn contacts on my phone(it's not for that).
    but if i delete ALL the contacts on my outlook account those will get deleted as well wth?!?!?

    it's also annoying when i try to delete a contact and it says "but this is an skype contact!" you can't delete it, WTH?!?, then i have to open a skype client to see if i CAN delete it....

    what are my choices here, make a brand new outlook account and import my existing phone contacts?.

    What happens when i use skype on the phone?, will it use my phones contact list or download it's own(as it should), what if i want to use a skype account different from the "MS account" used to setup the phone itself?
    11-15-2014 06:44 PM

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