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    In the general media, they always show some mobile app and near the end of the advert they have the iOS/Android icons for availability. But for apps that have also a WP version, I rarely see the Windows Phone store icon. I was pretty stocked when I saw the first web page that actually showed availability for WP download too!!

    So I decided to post it here! So this topic is for anyone to post adverts that include WP Store availability!
    Maybe software venders will see that we notice and get with the program!

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    Great idea! We definitely need to see some more of those including Windows on the "download the app" footnote on ads, I totally agree!

    Speaking of which, we have this third party delivery service that'll deliver our food for a fee (I'm the General Manager of a 260 seat full service restaurant and catering business). On their flyer/ad there is of course, the "download the app on Apple and Android" at the bottom. Well I caught up with the president of the company and mentioned that his ad was missing Windows Phone (and whipped out my 1520 to show), and mentioned that over half of our staff had Windows Phones, albeit mostly low end 520s and such, but Windows Phones nonetheless. I explained to him, that Windows Phone, and soon to be Windows 10 was the third, and fastest growing platform (blowing a cloud of smoke lol) and he should get with his developers and update his ad to include Windows... He said he had no idea, but wholeheartedly agreed, and said he'd get right on it!
    Now let's see if he gets it done!

    Edit: this of course is a pic of said ad without windows included, but like CSJr1 suggested above, let's see those ads where our beloved platform IS included. Hopefully, the day will come where all three app stores are listed, and it'll become the "norm"!

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    Still waiting on Home Depot to advertise they have a WP app! Home Depot Mobile*at The Home Depothomedepot.png

    But this Candy Crush seems to be popular...
    01-14-2015 12:48 PM
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    01-14-2015 03:15 PM

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