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    The question basically says it all. I've seen some angry (more like annoyed) users on quite a few websites and their annoyance is aimed towards MS and the rumor that, in this case, continuum will only work for high-end phones are making it worse. The arguments have been made for and against this and my personal opinion is that, it is better to keep some features for the flagship devices, because it will increase the appeal.

    Keep in mind that this isn't just about continuum. Other features have also been kept away: living images, lumia cam 5 (the 830 is almost equal to the 640, but is missing out), led notifications etc...

    The simple argument is that, for certain phones, the hardware isn't good enough. However living images was a feature that could run on most phones and did not require special hardware, but the availability was limited.

    Arguments for having certain features only on the flagship (not mine):

    - More reasons for users to skip the low-end and go for the high-end
    - more revenue for MS, because one high-end can cover the purchase of two low-ends
    - the difference is obvious, because no one will spend $800, when they can get the same features on a $100 phone

    Arguments against having certain features only on the flagship (not mine):

    - the people that can afford the high-end stuff don't aren't in need of this feature (continuum)
    - many users in emerging markets (where MS has a strong hold) don't have the money for flagship phones and would miss out
    - MS shouldn't limit features to flagships, because the low-end drives the sales, so features should be on all phones

    Should MS move forward and make phones that can support all features? would a low-end still be a low-end in that case? have we been spoiled?
    05-05-2015 11:29 AM
  2. Harrie-S's Avatar
    Indeed Ven07 your last remark says it all there are low, middle and high end phones. The only way around is the Iphone way but even they started with "middle" (iphone 6 4.7 inch 16 GB) and "high" (Iphone plus 6 inch 128 GB).
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    05-05-2015 11:50 AM
  3. ven07's Avatar
    I think many are expecting MS to be different in the sense of "give us everything, so that we can say we have everything". This works for the users, but has its drawbacks for MS as a company that is ultimately looking to make a profit
    05-05-2015 11:55 AM
  4. snowmutt's Avatar
    Moved to MS news discussion forum.

    I am really wondering how MS should approach this. The mid-range to Low-end devices are their bread and butter at this stage. Do you basically throw in the towel, admit you are what you are, and pack every tool, feature, and incentive that you can into those markets to keep your growth going? Or do you admit that those users are not buying a premium devices, and work on bringing the best user devices you can to that level but aim the premium experience to the market that needs the most growth?

    My gut says that you do not need the features at the low to mid range to keep that segment of the market happy. You do need them at the Hero device segment to get the users you want- business and professionals- away from the iPhone and Android (and to a lesser degree the BlackBerry crowd that is left). So why run the risk of putting these services on devices where they may not run well, or will not be used?

    Excellent topic, by the way. Will be very interested in the opinions.
    05-05-2015 06:25 PM
  5. Guytronic's Avatar
    I would like to see premium features included in a mid level package.

    Who buys what and why?
    Are phones more like jewelry?
    What are outstanding premium features?
    Do expensive high end devices promote status?

    A lot of people shell out hundreds and never realize what they have.
    05-05-2015 06:46 PM
  6. fdalbor's Avatar
    Would love to really know what people consider necessary in a smartphone. Also would love to know how many special features in flagship phones Never get used by the majority of people. Have a feeling most of US have more than we need. I own two smartphones, two tablets and three computers. And I use all of them but not for the same thing. So do I need them all. Of course not, but it sure is nice to have them all. What do I use the most. My HP Envy with is 23 inch touch screen and running Win 8.1. It's like a big tablet/computer. Works for me and you don't have to strain your eyes or type with one finger. But that's just me and if you feel that's excessive that's ok, I sometimes think that myself. But I plan on keeping things MY way.
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    05-05-2015 07:58 PM
  7. Harrie-S's Avatar
    I agree I also a "want to have" then "need" to have" type of guy.
    Furthermore a lot of special features are added because it's possible (with the hardware) because then you can say "see what my device can do" and these features can be used for marketing. But the adding of "special features" is not restricted to smartphones. Check your microwave or washing machine they have sh.t lots of button's / settings which are "never" used.

    I have a 930 but the 4K recording I actual never use, only played with it for a while. The "problem" with it is that the video's are to large so my internal memory of my phone is totally full after less than 60 min recording. Furthermore after 10-15 min recording the phone overheats and shuts down.
    Also rich capture, and DNG is "nice" but before you know your internal memory is full.
    Also I do not think the sensor core is used much.
    But then again I "want" it but probably never "need" it but you never know.

    The only special feature I really like and use is wireless charging that's really useful for me and (if you have enough charging plates) you do not have to worry about battery drain.

    I am also the "victim" of the brilliant marketing "trick" of making the price differences not to big for 50 bugs more you get a "better" one but then for 50 more, even a more better so in the end I spend more then I intended.
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    05-06-2015 05:55 AM
  8. HeyCori's Avatar
    What sort of premium features would people like to see on low end devices? I'm still sorta confused as to exactly what people want.

    The only two things I can think of is RAM and a front facing camera. Both of which Microsoft did once they purchased Nokia's hardware business. Now even their low end phones have 1GB of RAM and a front facing camera.
    05-06-2015 09:26 AM
  9. ven07's Avatar
    So why run the risk of putting these services on devices where they may not run well, or will not be used?
    Most of the other questions come down to this, hence the quote. The thing is MS will release flagship phones soon, those phones will have features that others can't have, but most will still go out of their way to say MS left them behind and targeted people that are in the minority within emerging markets..

    What most are forgetting is, MS never planned for everything to be dependent on the low-end, but they adopted this strategy to get their phones into more hands, hoping that it would have a snowball effect. Once you see what even a low-end phone can do, you can start imagining what a flagship will be able to do..

    Edit: MS has never made it a secret that it's main target is the US market. I understand that users from other areas who have defended WP through the bad times, will feel left behind, but it's not like the devices won't e accessible. Now we even have MS stores opening in a lot of different places
    05-06-2015 02:34 PM

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