1. runamuck83's Avatar
    For as long as I can remember (maybe even back to the first year Windows Phone 7 was announced), people have been proclaiming Windows Phone is dead.

    I'm tired of the constant mundane mantra that persists over...and... over.... and over... and over..

    Listen are you #1 in the world at what you do?
    Are you the #1 programmer in the world???
    Are you the #1 juggler?
    Are you the #1 DAD!?
    No, you're probably not even a blip in the sea of humans.

    I guess you're dead. I don't know you or need you around. Therefore no one at all must care about you. You're dead to me.

    Ah - now did that make much of a point? Nope.
    Clearly you're alive, and I'm sure at least 1 person in this world cares about you (I hope). Therefore, you're not dead.

    Move on from the "it's dead" posts. It ain't dead until Microsoft announces they aren't making them anymore. In the meantime, complain about something else.
    12-04-2015 04:38 PM
  2. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    I agree with you, but good luck with your war against internet idiots.
    12-04-2015 04:41 PM
  3. Guytronic's Avatar
    Sounds like the OP needs a break from all the down trending posts.
    We can all appreciate that.
    However we have no reason to further arguing with threads like this one.

    Laura Knotek and xandros9 like this.
    12-04-2015 04:51 PM

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