01-22-2017 01:11 PM
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    I am still recovering from a hard reset I did over the weekend. I couldn’t bear to be in the slow ring anymore and bumped me back down to production. One thing that presented itself to me was not only the removal of many apps from the app store, but also many apps were no longer available from my library. Some apps I used to use regularly I no longer have access to where some of them I even paid the 99 cents to remove the ads. The app gap seems to get bigger by the day. I am trying my best to hold out for the “Surface Phone.” Wish me luck.
    I hear you. That's why i keep my Note 5 around. The thing for me really are the ride sharing apps. My wife and I only have one car, so Uber, Lyft, ,Zipcar, and my local transit app are crucial for me. We have no Lyft, no Zipcard, no DART app (Dallas Transit) and the Uber app really sucks.

    I can get by with no bank app, but even that too is becoming a problem.

    Let's not get started about Outlook. It's WAY better on Android and IOS. I use it everyday and get docs from students and other faculty. The Android Outlook is a BIG plus for me. That alone will make me go back.

    I dunno...i just came back from android and have seen lots of improvements. But I may pick up my Note 5 for a while. There's nothing i cant do with that thing.

    FYI, Wordflow and this keyboard is terrible. Took me forever to type this. Smh

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    You say you're holding out for the Surface Phone, but I'm not sure how that'll affect the app gap in any way, except having a more advanced device to NOT have many apps for.
    Exactly. For me, I have most of what I need at present. I would welcome more advanced hardware of course, and if MS plays things right it sounds like their mobile strategy is long term. When I say I am holding out for the “Surface Phone,” I mean that I am holding out long enough until they make some announcement, but if they remain silent until 2018 then iPhone it is for this guy.
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    01-22-2017 01:11 PM
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