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    One week after it first hit, researchers are getting a better handle on how the WannaCry ransomware spread so quickly — and judging from the early figures, the story seems to be almost entirely about Windows 7.

    According to data released today by Kaspersky Lab, roughly 98 percent of the computers affected by the ransomware were running some version of Windows 7, with less than one in a thousand running Windows XP. 2008 R2 Server clients were also hit hard, making up just over 1 percent of infections.

    Some help is already arriving for systems infected by WannaCry. Because of sloppy coding, researchers have found that private system encryption keys can often be recovered from infected machines, allowing users to undo the damage done by the ransomware. A researcher from Quark Security has published an automated tool to manage that process, which should work for Windows 7, XP, Vista, and other affected versions.
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    I seen this earlier, but from a different source. They even broke it down to system architecture.

    Is this enough to make people switch to Windows 10?

    I know tons of companies and businesses can't do the upgrade due to the software being incompatible with the newer OS's (W8/W10), but can't they run it in compatibility mode for XP or Windows 7? Or will that still not cut it?

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