1. raekwan101's Avatar
    I believe the Surface "Phone" will just be a 7-10inch Surface Pro that's slimmer, lighter and has LTE along with Skype supporting SMS and Calls through your carrier SIM

    I honestly believe the future of mobile is full W10 on phablet-tablet sized devices..

    A 7-13inch LTE Surface Pro w an Edge to edge display, ports, a detachable keyboard (Choice between a metal "Surface-bookish" keyboard or Pro-ish-type cover) and a pen, with SMS and Phone calls in Skype (like iMessage to an android) from carrier would be the ultimate mobile device.

    A Sleek Mobile Powerful Computer that can be a desktop, laptop, phone and mobile game console on low settings. Good AR and VR support too!

    It's already so close... Just make the New LTE Surface Pro smaller and change Skype..

    Or look at the iPad Pro or even just the regular ones. They don't "Need" MacOs. If they're as powerful as Apple say they are then it should be so totally possible for a full Photoshop port to run only on the high end ios devices that can handle it.
    09-16-2017 11:35 PM
  2. Bobvfr's Avatar
    Nice try but it all falls down on one sentence.........

    "Change Skype".
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    09-17-2017 07:07 AM
  3. etphoto's Avatar
    Good prediction. I think most believe it will be something along those lines. Personally, i hope its more than what you believe. I can see MS taking their ball and going home if, what ever new device they release, doesn't take off immediately.

    Twitter: @PhotographyET
    09-17-2017 08:23 AM
  4. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    7" phone? Really? At a time when most competitors are trying to give more screen space in a smaller package.

    So this is really a small PC, not a phone. I guess someone would like it. Not for me and probably not for a lot of people.

    There was a time when I thought having a 'full' PC in my pocket would be useful but I no longer think it's really needed.

    I guess this will be a enterprise product and be niche. One for the 'fans'.
    09-18-2017 03:33 AM
  5. vEEP pEEP's Avatar
    7 inches? That is not a phone. I think MS would lose again.
    It needs to be mobile - put in a pocket, fit in one hand.
    Maybe 6"
    You have a 10"+ Surface that works nicely with it.
    09-18-2017 10:10 AM
  6. Bobvfr's Avatar
    Unless it is a foldable screen, in reality anything larger than 6 inches is just too big to be useful, I used to have a 7 inch HP Stream and although it will go in some pockets its just to big for practical use as a "Phone".

    I had the 1520 and much prefer the size of the 950XL, there isn't a lot in it but the 950XL wins for size and practicality.
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    09-18-2017 11:59 AM
  7. Jakoh's Avatar
    my guess is a 10-11" ARM surface is what you are describing, not a phone.
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    09-18-2017 01:20 PM
  8. kaktus1389's Avatar
    I guess this will be a enterprise product and be niche. One for the 'fans'.
    Hope it won't be "for the fans" in the same way as Lumia 950 was on the release date.
    09-18-2017 02:11 PM
  9. covfefe's Avatar
    If something comes out as a retangular slab it will not be a category defining device.

    Below are some examples of proper innovative thinking, some of these date back several years. The technology now is catching up to these ideas, if only Microsoft is paying attention.

    09-24-2017 11:19 PM
  10. Jason Angle's Avatar

    "Sheer wow factor aside, the Folio didn't actually do much; it's likely the more-polished Cplus had a considerable headstart in development. Alas, Lenovo representatives barely let us touch them. As CTO Peter Hortensius said, "These are not things that will survive in the wild." Even so, we're still pulling for the Folio and the Cplus to become full-fledged products. We're just not holding our collective breath."
    09-25-2017 12:18 AM
  11. Guytronic's Avatar

    I think users want a single slab that is thin and pocketable along the lines of what is available right now.
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    09-25-2017 01:39 AM

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