11-30-2017 07:00 AM
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  1. James Falconer's Avatar
    We created the Armchair CEO forum to provide everyone with a place to enter their thoughts, suggestions and opinions on what Microsoft should do next. What would you do if you were in charge!? Share your thoughts, plans and opinions right here!

    Please: Keep all threads productive, respectful and on-topic to the original post!
    11-17-2017 12:02 PM
  2. hwangeruk's Avatar
    Fire Satya Nadella
    Dqy 2, start a huge investment programme for Windows Mobile.
    Day 3, find out why UWP apps are woefully under developed around libraries and APIs and commit to a UWP only tooling for UWP
    make Visual Studio a UWP app (and I’d we can’t fi d out why the UWP platform isn’t sufficient and make it work)
    Day 4. Fire the entire marketing team.
    Day 5. Promote Panos Panay
    Day 6. Give the Xbox team a bonus and give them all 30 year life contracts.
    Day 7. Fire the licensing team
    Day 8. Find out where my gawd darn Windows Mobile platform / Surface phone is. And tell the team they have 12 more days

    simple really.
    Can I have my £6 billion in shares now bill
    11-26-2017 01:20 PM
  3. reomw's Avatar
    Acquire Adobe and Atlassian.
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    11-26-2017 01:21 PM
  4. Tayhuwaniwanga's Avatar
    I think the answer is pretty clear. I'do go globalise the products and services.
    11-26-2017 01:53 PM
  5. dlls's Avatar
    Drop the "refresh" mentality while there are still some people left who don't think that my company is a complete joke.
    I would also probably realize that the cloud services era won't last forever, and with no consumer and enterprise products to fall back to, the company I run would be pretty much history.
    11-26-2017 02:01 PM
  6. Rahul Dhakne's Avatar
    Dont know what I would do but these are the things i would certainly NOT do:
    Fire lumia staff
    Discontinue lumia production
    Not let the Nokia people make their marvelous hardware like before.
    Remove all the presence from market so showing we ourself don't support the platform, sending bad message to devs discouraging the whole UWP thing.
    11-26-2017 02:02 PM
  7. Shareonline's Avatar
    Harsh but in reality the absolute best solution..
    I would however also keep investing big time in windows 10 and azure. But your points are very valid!
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    11-26-2017 02:05 PM
  8. ulfvar's Avatar
    First thing I would do was to start focusing more on UWP and the store, I would create a specific store team and make it a standard that all apps created by Microsoft should be in the store.

    Second I would overhaul the design team in most places. Focus more on minimalist, clean design and have a high standard so that over time people would start connecting Microsoft with clean, good design in their minds.

    Third would be marketing, I would either fire the current marketing team or hire new people on the team and add to it. I

    Fourth thing would I would do is to improve the relationship with developers and attempt to prove that Microsoft was all in on UWP and that it is the future.

    For the most part, I like the direction that Microsoft has taken under Satya. There are of course more things I would like to change.
    11-26-2017 02:06 PM
  9. SunToucher's Avatar
    If the various Teams are not working well together, fire the road blockers, impress upon all concerned how important Team work and following through on projects are a necessity not just for clients, but also developers.
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    11-26-2017 02:23 PM
  10. Azurus's Avatar
    first things first. I would apologize to the entire world for the disaster that happened with Windows 10 Mobile. and promise to be fully committed to the next version of Windows on mobile.

    2. reintroduce windows to the mobile market with a refreshed windows experience along with a premium built phone such as a surface phone. iteration s can be added such as a foldable version and whatnot

    3. withdraw ALL Microsoft apps from Apple and Android application stores. this is to make a statement. to show consumers that if they really want Microsoft services they need to commit to the platform

    4. to counteract people's response "there is no developer support", Microsoft should really push developers (money, threats, etc;) to make the damn apps. yeah I'm talking to you Google and Snapchat.
    5. Marketing marketing marketing. Microsoft already has a great established name with the surface branding. people would drool over a phone of the same build quality

    6. Cortana should be updated. I used Google assistant for the first time for a week and I'm blown away. come one Microsoft you could do better
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    11-26-2017 02:32 PM
  11. xfatalx zero's Avatar
    Removing apps from another platform is just shooting yourself in the foot instead. Create a better mobile presence and all apps across all devices get treated differently and the only exclusives are limits to each OS but nothing ground breaking except on Win Mobile.
    11-26-2017 02:39 PM
  12. randyoaks187's Avatar
    Start Panos and the Surface team working on the Surface Time Machine so I could go back in time and fix the mobile strategy from the beginning. Windows mobile free to handset manufacturers from day 1, portion of app revenue to handset manufacturers, no carrier exclusives. I could go on for longer but that's where I would start.
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    11-26-2017 02:43 PM
  13. Mar_kis's Avatar
    - Put emphasis on getting back into the mobile arena ASAP.
    - Combine Skype, GroupMe, and Microsoft Teams into one app
    - Improve and expand upon UWP apps
    - Improve communication to the public
    - Bring more PC games to the windows store
    11-26-2017 02:48 PM
  14. bogascorp's Avatar
    I would split Microsoft in two. A Consumer facing Microsoft and an Enterprise facing Microsoft.
    The enterprise Microsoft would create services and devices targeted to the company side. Such as surface with added security and toughness, Azure, Office 365 and so on.

    The consumer Microsoft would create devices and a reliable and powerful ecosystem.
    Devices such as tablets, computers and phones, AI (cortana), APIs for consumer electronics to use (like apple's home kit).

    Microsoft needs an ecosystem that it can rely on and build upon. Only this way, they can have control over the devices and system to better create experiences. Great Experiences.

    There's a lot of potential inside de company to create devices and services. The problem has been marketing them properly, globalisation of products and services and connecting the products and services in a seamless way.

    I would reshape the company to work on a shared vision were teams work together to create a bigger picture were all devices and products are inter connected and work together to create "magic".
    11-26-2017 03:03 PM
  15. meincranbourne's Avatar
    Firstly, end the attitude that Microsoft can abandon users completely, legacy hardware is not one or two years old to the average user. Keep working toward a Microsoft ecosystem it has been proven to work for other brands.
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    11-26-2017 03:10 PM
  16. brunoadduarte's Avatar
    I'd leak something. Not even joking. We're waaay too much in the dark regarding new products.
    11-26-2017 03:11 PM
  17. DL1794's Avatar
    We created the Armchair CEO forum to provide everyone with a place to enter their thoughts, suggestions and opinions on what Microsoft should do next. What would you do if you were in charge!? Share your thoughts, plans and opinions right here!

    Please: Keep all threads productive, respectful and on-topic to the original post!
    If I were the CEO, I’d focus on ensuring that Windows 10 is solid, operates extremely well & reliably, and that it’s bulletproof in today’s risky, cybersecurity environment. Thoroughly think about and test all OS updates before pushing them to customers/consumers. Minimize major changes to the OS unless they are truly necessary and worth pursuing.
    11-26-2017 03:27 PM
  18. editguy's Avatar
    Retire with my golden parachute.
    11-26-2017 03:47 PM
  19. AesonAus's Avatar
    Keep going on the Enterprise side, but push the Dynamics team harder and get more information out about it to counter Salesforce.
    Build a sweet looking desktop PC and "normal" size laptop say 15" or even 17" both spec'd out to crazy town and badged as Xbox PCs -targetting the gamer market so now Xbox means gaming whether it's on console or PC.
    Go all in on a Microsoft phone powered by Android (as a Windows Mobile / Phone user for over 10 years who recently switched - it's time to let Windows on Phone die a respectable death it has earned). Skin the heck out of the Android to give it the icons, fonts etc feel of Windows 10 though - and use the resources available to always be the first vendor to update the phone to the newest version of Android (hell even call it something else like "Andromeda OS" like Amazon did with Fire OS even though it's really just Android underneath).
    Release another Microsoft Band - 2 variants - a "lower end" Microsoft Band and a "higher end" Surface Band, different designs different quality of materials etc reinforcing that the Surface brand is high end stuff better than Apple gear etc.
    Either fire the marketing team, or give them an excessively large budget for 12 months. I'd want to see Microsoft references everywhere so mindshare increases amongst consumers.
    Companies to acquire out of the gate - Spotify, Adobe, Citrix.
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    11-26-2017 03:56 PM
  20. dav75's Avatar
    One of the first things I would do is to bring back the Microsoft Band and start taking a more risks with such devices, with the Band I think I would drop the name 'Microsoft Band' and maybe just call it 'The Band' or something else. With Windows on ARM devices, maybe bring to the market a phone version that costs less than $1,000 or bring the Courier to the market with design changes. Basically take more risks, create a fund to help create these devices so if they don't make money they still have funding to continue development. Microsoft gambled with XBox and Bing, they didn't make money for many years and nothing can be a hit straight off the bat.

    Thanks to companies like Apple, Google and others they have helped to create a bad smell with anything with the word Microsoft within the Devices' Name so drop that from it's devices and maybe something will gain ground. I would also lower cost of certain subscriptions like with Office/Microsoft 365, doing so just may bring more customers on-board. Just ideas that will no doubt never happen.
    11-26-2017 03:58 PM
  21. bloodyripper_au's Avatar
    First of all, Put out a memo to Microsoft staff, "Political correctness is now banned, that fab is over. " And hire Sir Richard Branson to do that on stage thing where you tech companies release your products, and get a couple of hot chicks with big titties in bikinis on stage for **** to Motorboat. This will do two things, attract a hell of a lot of media attention. And extend the message of Microsoft is now a cool product with balls.
    Next step, Make sure every UWP app is on every platform of Windows, it was a big letdown that Microsoft went to the trouble of merging everything into one system then fail to put its own apps on every UWP. Not having office on Xbox was a big letdown.
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    11-26-2017 03:59 PM
  22. bloodyripper_au's Avatar
    Next, Build a Mobile phone, who gives a crap about how many units are sold, when trying to break into the market you have to be consistent when it comes to releasing new models, When Microsoft released the 950 and 950XL I thought it was on the right path but then Microsoft failed to stand behind the product in both advertising and the future of the mobile platform. Offering two sized phones is all Microsoft needed. offering phone like the 550 and 650 was just too much and it dumbed down the product. If Microsoft wants to be in the market it has to be done with a flagship product. Look at Apple, they never invented anything, they just take others ideas and sell them better.
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    11-26-2017 04:01 PM
  23. bloodyripper_au's Avatar
    Everyone know in todays world people are mobile and Continuum was not a totally bad idea, but when people said this is stupid i'm not going to carry a keyboard around Microsoft should of ask them self's "What can we do to solve this problem" the technology is already here to answer that, with a laser keyboard. Microsoft didn't even need to build it into the phone, "That would be cool" but could of built it into the dock. And why on earth do we never hear of the Microsoft wireless display adapter, I stumbled across it about the time Google starting flogging the Chromecast. Microsoft had the better product but never pushed it to consumers.
    Next step in online content, Not sure where to start there without seeing what sort of deals have and are being done. but without music in the Microsoft store, puts a shadow on the TV & Films.
    11-26-2017 04:02 PM
  24. bloodyripper_au's Avatar
    Anyways that's enough from me right now. I got to get ready for work. with a bit of luck my new Android phone will show up today, "That's right, I'm switching mobiles, Being one who has only ever used a Windows platform smartphone is jumping ship" My 950 has been having major issues and with no new mobiles available from Microsoft. I'm left with no choice. But on the plus side I will filially be able to use the NFC feature on it, my 950 had NFC but my Bank never came out with the feature in its Microsoft app, yet it does have the feature in its Android and IOS app. I did have my hopes up at one point Microsoft was going to allow cards in its Wallet app (Non USA versions, I'm in Australia) but it never happened. and the Phone i'm getting is a DooGee S60. Most the specs are higher then the Microsoft 950 except the USB port is only a Micro USB not USB C. but I can live with that as buying USB-C cords in servos has been an issue, but only of late have I started to see the odd one or two in stores.
    11-26-2017 04:02 PM
  25. Touseef Malik's Avatar
    The most important thing and priority should be UWP.
    And another thing which no company focuses on are Indie Developers.

    There are many brights minds out there with brilliant ideas and hunger to develop something great both in apps and in web. Microsoft and other big companies as well just assume that every new startup will have a team.

    Sometimes there is just an Indie Developer who wants to make great apps/ web apps or games, but he doesn't have any investment. So do the following for the indie developers.

    1. Simplify Azure : Azure has too many resources and too many options to be understood by one person.
    2. Simplify Web : Web development is getting more and more complex with way too many options out there, and too many frameworks, just like xamarin is trying to simplify mobile development, web should also be simplified as well.
    3. Extend Bizspark : Extend bizspark to 3 years again.

    SUMMARY : If I am an indie developer who has limited or no budget but some great ideas for apps/websites/games. I should be simple and easy for me to go on and create my app one time with simpler cloud technologies, just straight forward as templates in visual studio. and also I can use bizspark for 3 years so I can confidently take my first step. Microsoft can have its share later on if my company generates revenue, but if I don't even have confidence for first step how will I start my company?
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    11-26-2017 04:07 PM
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