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    I'm a student and about half of my extensive use of Onenote is taking notes in class. I tried using the desktop application, and switched to the metro version. The Desktop application has a superiority of features; in fact, I miss many of them using the metro application. The one and only thing that keeps me on metro is the circular widget. After setting up my pens I just flick in their direction with the pen on that circle and I can change pens instantly without even having to open the menu; the speed benefit this offers is invaluable; faster than you could ever do in desktop, or with colored pens on paper. I am very much hoping to see the fluidity and speed of the metro app fused with the desktop app, but my true curiosity is if any of you feel differently, or the same way for different reasons?

    How about the implementation of that kind of feature?
    01-29-2015 08:23 PM

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