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    Some weeks back, I remember reading on Windows Central that Outlook.com experienced some technical issue where users reported seeing an abnormal amount of junk email in their Junk folder. I remember noticing that in my account and initially thinking that I had finally given my email address to some entity that had exposed my almost never junk emailed-account (I used to get maybe 1 junk email every few months). So when I read on Windows Central that it was an issue with Outlook.com and Microsoft has rectified the issue, it was good to see that it explained why my account was back to being almost 99% junk free. Now, as of some day last week, I am getting almost 10 junk emails a day sent to my Junk folder. They're even going to my main email account, which I share with almost no one (I give out my alias)! So I am praying that this is another spam filtering hiccup; I am posting here to see if other users have noticed any sort of abnormal quantity of junk email in their Junk folder...
    08-09-2016 01:20 AM
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    And JUST like that...my Junk folder is empty again. So freaking relieved. Guessing it was a mass spammer that Microsoft finally took down or some sort of filtering hiccup, but it almost feels like Microsoft saw my post because as of this morning...not a single spam email made it to my account. Yay!
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    08-09-2016 11:00 PM

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