1. Dustin Dexter's Avatar
    Just dropped my release day Surface 2 on its face and busted the glass on the front. What are my options now? It looks like I can still sign up for the extended warrantee, which covers drops, or I can get it repaired out of warrantee for $200. First of all, is the extended warrantee even an option? Second, has anyone attempted an ifixit solution or even a third party?
    12-17-2013 08:34 PM
  2. jaimeastin's Avatar
    Well those are options to explore. Try them both to see what is least expensive. I would go the Microsoft way... I have replaced screens and other components on many devices, but the surface is one I don't particularly want to touch... Get it right, the first time. Besides I have not seen replacement screens online foe the surface, but I have not looked either. Parts, time, and little expertise in the matter is usually more costly than paying upfront now... Pay now or later, but you will pay... Later may be more. ,;)
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    12-17-2013 08:46 PM

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