03-10-2014 08:57 PM
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    I just tried a Refresh on my replacement unit (I had some touchscreen errors on boot), and: TaDaaa -> BSoD.
    I imagined that, and I'm really sure that ANY S2 suffers from this on the first Refresh...

    I then choose to RESET the device from USB wiping everything and doing a full re-install.
    Did all Windows Updates and magically all drivers got updated the first time correctly (MS really fixed the problem with February updates), and in no time my S2 was in the same state as before thanks to OneDrive Sync.

    Reliability Report without any error since yesterday, no display errors neither.

    So far so good, and now thanks to the USB Reset I'm sure my next Refresh (if I will need to) will work this time

    So this is the Updated PERMANENT FIX to those problems (posted on MS forums too, and a Mod here can use it updating the Thread's First Post too):

    1. RESET Surface 2 to factory settings from USB recovery Drive: wipe everything, and re-partition (entering the Bit-Locker key, and clearing TPM pushing Volume Up button if requested) too. This will PERMANENTLY FIX further BSoDs when trying to Refresh/Restore directly from the device. It will always work fine after this;
    2. Before doing anything else, go to Windows Update and download/install ALL OS updates FIRST, and only AFTER that -> install latest Firmware/Drivers updates pack. Reboot;
    3. ALL drivers should update correctly without errors and without any other tricks or workaround after this, and this Nightmare should be finally over.

    I'm using the device for 2 days after these steps, and my Reliability Report shows "No Errors" at all.

    Everything works flawlessy and no crashes at all for me.


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    02-25-2014 12:51 AM
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    Well, after getting my Surface back from repairs I noticed I was getting some horrific WiFi speeds. Sometimes almost three times slower than my 920. And that's when my connection didn't just completely stall out. Soooo... did another Reinstall yesterday using my USB drive. The reinstall worked perfectly and WiFi seems to be working great. I also rolled the driver back to the August 2013 version.

    However, I'm still not BSoD free. Tried watching Netflix while outputting to a second monitor and was sadly greeted by a blue screen. I only seem to get the BSoD while using dual monitors. That got me to thinking, what if I only used the second monitor? So I set my Surface to "Second Screen Only" and did a little stress test. I rapidly booted up as many videos as I could using Netflix (app), Hulu Plus (app) and Amazon Instant Video (browser). Didn't get a single BSoD. I restarted the Surface and tried the test over with similar results.

    For some reason, playing videos using dual monitors just really hates my Surface. It's the only problem I have now. At least I can set it to Second Screen Only.
    03-03-2014 12:04 PM
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    03-10-2014 08:57 PM
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