1. wps81's Avatar
    It is inconvenient now. Anyone knows a way or app doing this?
    12-20-2013 03:31 AM
  2. Gergolos's Avatar
    just go to the desktop mode and "click" on the battery symbol :)
    12-20-2013 04:30 AM
  3. livekyle's Avatar
    just go to the desktop mode and "click" on the battery symbol :)
    I think that is what he defines as inconvenient
    I have to agree, I would also like to have a "quicker" way to check the percentage. On the other hand I hate how OCD I am about the battery on my mobile devices so if MS could provide a way to stop my brain caring about that, that would be even better hahaha
    12-20-2013 05:39 AM
  4. Gergolos's Avatar
    haha ok :D makes sense :D
    12-20-2013 06:35 AM
  5. wolfedude88's Avatar
    Agree it would be nice. I just got mine yesterday and was wondering or thinking there was a better way but I thought I just didn't know how. Guess there isn't yet.
    12-20-2013 05:20 PM

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