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    I got a Surface 2 for Christmas and I'm so happy with it. It's such an awesome tablet! :D

    I have a few questions, though, that I hope you guys can help me with.

    1. The Start Screen doesn't feature a clock but Live Tile Clocks exist. Only problem is that the ones I've tried only work for a couple of hours then they bug out and I have to re-enable them from within the app, which defeats its purpose. I need set'n'forget functionality. Can you link me to Live Tile Clock, preferably analogue instead of digital, that works and doesn't bug out?

    2. The Facebook app works like a charm but the Live Tile annoys me a bit. It keep flipping with random pictures and incomplete sentences from my friends and the pages I follow which I don't need. However, if I turn it off completely it will not notify me with the little number when something interesting actually does happen. Is it possible to keep the number notifications but prevent it from showing all sorts of stuff from peoples walls?

    3. Can I force the Internet Explorer app to open new links either from Facebook or something else in the current tab instead of creating a new tab? The thing is I quickly end up with various tabs with all sorts of things that I don't use anymore.

    4. Is there a way to access Bluetooth quickly without navigating through 3 settings?

    5. How far in can you guys get a jack stick in your device? Mine only goes halfway in and I'm not sure forcing it is a good idea. Once halfway in, it does sit kind of lose and the sound quality is a bit noisy so I'm not sure it sits correctly.

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    12-26-2013 02:13 PM
  2. MDak280's Avatar
    I don't have a Surface 2 but I'm getting one soon. I can try to help with numbers 2, 3, and 4!

    I think that if you make the Facebook tile the smallest size possible, it won't display any information but it will still show you if you have any notifications. At least that's how it works on Windows Phone!

    On Windows Phone, under the settings for Internet Explorer there's an option to either open links in a new tab, or open them in the current tab. I'd imagine there's an option for that under the settings for IE on 8.1 RT as well.

    If you run a search (I believe you search by opening the charms menu which reveals a search bar, or there's a keyboard shortcut that I can't recall) for Bluetooth, I think that the bluetooth settings should appear right away. I've never used Windows 8.1 though, so I'm not positive. If not, you might be able to find an app in the store that lets you pin settings to your start screen (you can do that on Windows Phone!).
    12-27-2013 08:58 PM
  3. Marute's Avatar
    Thanks a lot. I've been looking some more into it and I've found solutions to most of the stuff. And the jack works fine. Just needed a bit of force. Thanks! :)
    12-28-2013 12:52 PM

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