1. HTC13's Avatar
    I am shocked that Microsoft has not updated SkyDrive to OneDrive yet on the Surface 2.

    Not to mention, the SkyDrive app stinks. You can only access your files, not shared files... There is no shared option from within the app like you can do on a windows phone 8 or from the web app.

    Microsoft needs to get their apps consistent across all devices.
    04-11-2014 07:44 AM
  2. CyclingNut's Avatar
    Update your machine to 8.1 Update (the big update released earlier this week). That will change everything to Onedrive
    04-11-2014 07:49 AM
  3. HTC13's Avatar
    SkyDrive updated to OneDrive after the 8.1 update, but the app itself is way too basic and is missing a lot of functionality (a big one is ability to view shares content). The windows phone app and the web app are way better. I just pinned the web app to my start screen and use that as OneDrive.
    04-13-2014 11:54 AM
  4. msiivola's Avatar
    I have tested onedrive in Win8.1 update 1 extensively between eight devices, two of them Surfaces (RT and 2). And skydrive half a year before that. Because of innumerate erros which cannot be solved in Microsoft forums (the last one, error "Onedrive has stopped working", about which forum admins have now, after some weeks of futile dialogue with irritated users, admitted to everyone in trouble that the problem is so far unsolved).

    I made one week ago a decision to return to my old way to handle backups and mirroring. What a relief! No more tens of incomprehensible errors, no more endless waiting for crawling updating to onedrive online, almost half of updates ending to various error messages, no more a bunch of confusing error messages about whatever oddities. No more continuously repeating inconsistensies about what has been copied to where via onedrive.

    Mirroring via LAN and in some cases via 64GB USB 3.0 USB drive does the trick easily.
    04-15-2014 06:16 AM

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