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    Hi all,

    Are there other people experiencing higher battery usage after the July 'System Updates'? Especially in idle mode?

    I'm seeing a huge drop in battery life, something I didn't have problems with before.
    Overnight I'm seeing 15-20% drops, where before it was 3-5%.

    In the battery- and sleepstudy reports the culprits are the:
    - NVIDIA Tegra 4 (\_SB.GFXC) 100% activity time overnight
    - Tegra I2C Controller Driver (\_SB.I2C3) 12% activity time overnight

    I'm also seeing a battery drop in daily usage, and am charging the S2 more often that before the updates.

    I've checked the driver versions, and they match with the numbers MS is providing on the support pages.
    So... Are other people seeing similar issues after the July updates?

    thanks for any replies,


    p.s. I mean JUNE updates. Sorry, can't seem to change the thread title....
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    07-20-2014 06:46 AM
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    Seems to be a common problem, see this thread here:

    Battery drain with Unregistered device SE? - Microsoft Community

    There's another, shorter thread on the same issue on the same answers forum too.

    I just posted my experience of the issue yesterday.

    July 17th was the date it started for me but almost certainly its a problem with the last set of driver updates in June.

    You'll probably have a "video hardware error" in the reliability report just prior to the problem starting.

    No fix as yet.

    Pathetic once again. I really struggle to believe they ever actually test these drivers at all before they are released.
    07-23-2014 06:11 AM

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