1. Jonodw's Avatar
    I have had my surface 2 for a few months. Last night I tried to connect it to my bluetooth audio receiver while I watched some youtube videos. But when I turned bluetooth on my wifi connection slowed down and could not load the video with out a lot of buffering. I turned BT off and the video started loading fast again. I have 2.4GHz wifi, but my L520 and nexus 7 have no trouble with wifi and BT turned on at the same time, streaming audio to my BT audio receiver. Has anyone managed to solve this issue? It appears to be prevalent on the surface 2 and surface pro 2 based on comments in the Microsoft support forums. Has anyone got a surface 2 that CAN have BT and wifi on at the same time and operating correctly without slow speeds?
    Has anyone got a refund from Microsoft for this issue? I am trying to decide if I should get an exchange or ask for a refund.
    08-13-2014 08:34 PM
  2. Cobb's Avatar
    Must be a problem unique to you or your tablet. Have you tried the old fashion reboot and see if it works?
    08-15-2014 10:22 PM
  3. js8229's Avatar
    Try switching channels on your wifi router, or going to 5GHz (some routers support this.) Have you tried connecting to another BT device to see if it's your audio receiver that's causing the issue? For instance, I know that in my office, my wifi goes south anytime I switch on an Apple device (iPad,iPhone) and also if I try to use my Apple BT keyboard. In this case I just turned them off and my wifi was fine.

    Mostly, this is a casualty of using 2.4GHz for related devices; one slightly off-tuned radio or RF leak and you're suffering.
    08-25-2014 01:32 PM

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