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    [re-edited, let me make my post simple]

    • I had an Asus 10" Windows tablet which supports 3G (running full Windows 8.1, not RT)
    • My Asus tablet could not even detect the SIM card. But the SIM card worked perfectly in my iPhone & iPad
    • After checking with the carrier, I knew the reason - the SIM card somehow recognized my Asus tablet as a "PC" (instead of a "tablet") and the carrier blocked the SIM card if used on a "PC"
    • Finally I managed to find another carrier which does not block "PC" for their data plan
    • After more studies, I found that such "PC-blocking" is very common among carriers in my city (Hong Kong). Usually the SIM card only works on smartphones, iPad or android tablet but NOT Windows tablet. (Some SIM cards even just work on smartphones only)
    • To conclude, based on my experience, Windows tablets are unfortunately being recognized as "PC" and chances are the SIM card does not work in Windows tablet. You need to find the right carrier and the right data plan so that access of the SIM card from a PC is allowed.

    I am not sure whether this (blocking usage of SIM card in Windows tablets) is common in other countries or not.

    If this happens in your country and you are considering to buy Surface 3, then you need to pay much attention into this matter
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