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    I ordered a surface 3 and expected to get it this week. I was playing around with it in store and was kinda disappointed that if you don't have the type cover you need to always hit the virtual keyboard button while in desktop mode to type. I am going to assume that this won't happen in windows 10. So I am wondering if windows 10 is in a stable enough state to install and use on surface 3.

    I did not want to get the type cover as I think $150 CDN + tax is way too much for it and I am not sure if I will keep the surface in the end. I really did not need to buy a surface but I had $1000 GC that I needed to use up by end of june and after I bought a laptop for my mom I figured out that by adding $8 I would get a surface 3 128gb model. Still not sure if I should have gotten a laptop as well but will see. I really wanted a windows 10 phone but that won't be out for a while.

    If I keep the surface I will buy the type cover(I see them on ebay for half the price because they are open box and missing the pen loop holder what I don't care about) but till then I am going to be using the touch screen stuff for everything so wondering if windows 10 will be the best choice for me.

    I mostly seem myself using it to watch movies on road trips and simple stuff like that.
    06-01-2015 11:52 AM

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