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    After debating the pros and cons of multiple cases, I chose the gumdrop case. Here are the main reasons it won out. One, the case utilizes the full motion of the kickstand while providing protection. Two, it utilizes a tempered glass screen that adheres to the surface and does not attach to the case in any way. The corners of the glass are merely protected. Three, at first I was unsure of the playful design of the rubber case, but after use I’ve really enjoyed its griping texture and design. It really stays in your hand. Four, relatively easy to install but requires a bit of finesse when installing the case.
    Not all things can be perfect and here are some quibbles that I have with the case. One, it lacks the ability to attach the pen directly to the case. Two, the nature of the rubber is like a soft race tire in a way it causes everything to stick to the case. Three, when the kickstand is deployed on a smooth surface there is zero rubber touching the table and the surface slides everywhere. The actual kickstand on the surface has a sliver of rubber to keep the surface planted but the case protects that rubber.
    Overall, I really enjoy the case and I feel it is an amazing bang for the bucks. It meets my current needs for a tablet case.
    Here is one interesting fact, the case minus the glass weighs 11.3 ounces. I weighed it on my postage scale and most of the weight is in the rubber.
    Unpacking: Be very careful when removing the case from the clear plastic packaging. Do not pull it out by the kickstand piece. You will easily tear the rubber. Take your hands and push it from the other side of the package.
    Installation Note. When disassembling the case make sure you take your time pulling the rubber away from the plastic pieces of the case. When installing the plastic section of the case onto the kickstand. I recommending sliding it on like an envelope over a letter. There is less chances of braking the thin clips that attach the case to the stand.

    P.S. I was pretty blessed. I won this case through rafflecopter and uniformmom.com. I almost shelled out the entry price when it was 59.00
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    08-27-2015 01:49 AM

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