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    Hey Guys,

    Along with the flickering and the Edge and all those problems some of us are having with the Surface Book, is anybody here having massive battery drain WITHOUT sleeping/standby? Over the past couple days I have been using the Surface Book (i5,256gb,8gb,dGPU) and the most hours I got out of it was 6 hours, averaging 4 hours. It's better than my Pro 1, that's certain, but it's definitely not in the park of 12 hours.

    When looking at the indicator, it would wildly fluctuate. At 100% on both batteries it would say 3 Hours. Check again, 6 hours, check again 20 hours, check again, 2 hours.

    There was a time when it seemed consistent and accurate. After a charge to 100% I disconnected and it said 11 hrs, 45 min. For a while it was draining as expected. an hour passes and it said 10 hrs 30 min. It was only using the Base battery. Then, 2nd hour in, drops down to 60%, says 2 hours, and is using both batteries. With both batteries in 60% instead of 100% on the tablet since ideally it's not supposed to be used at the end.

    Anyone else experiencing this? I just did a factory reset in hopes that it works out most of the issues. If not, I think I may attempt exchanging when I pickup my Band 2 tomorrow.

    Just want to know if anyone has been having these issues like I've been having, since of all the issues reported, not many are saying that their battery life under normal usage is like this, only during Sleep/Standby. Which, I can't even tell if I have the sleep drain issues because I'm having massive drain without it.
    10-29-2015 12:30 PM

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