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    I use surface as computer, should I plug in surface to grid only when battery is drained or is better to use is like any desktop computer without battery when you need to be on grid constantly. Is there a way how to save battery quality when I know I will be working all the time, so the charger do not charges the battery, only electrifies the computer ?
    11-21-2015 06:27 AM
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    In practice, all devices using Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries will benefit if the user observes the following:
    - Keep the charge within 50-60%.
    - If that's not possible or practical for you, at least keep the charge difference within 50%.*
    - Do NOT fully drain the battery - doing so increases battery wear and may permanently damage the battery.

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    *- For example, if your device is fully charged, charge it only when it reaches 50% so the drop in charge is 50% (100-50 = 50). Then, once it rises back up to say 60%, you can drain all the way down to 10% (60-50=10). The same goes for charging: if you happen to almost drain your battery to, say, 10%, the charge it up to 60% first (10+50 = 60), then let it drop to around 50-55%, then charge it up all the way to 100%. This practice reduces battery wear and will make your battery last for more than two years without noticeable drop in total capacity.
    11-21-2015 09:12 AM

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