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    SB i5/8/256/nv here running latest insider win10 build and intel beta 4326 graphics driver.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem: after using Edge browser for a little while, the active tab (and just the little tab at the top along the tab bar, containing the web page title) goes super dark - like black text on very dark grey background? I exit Edge and reopen it, and things go back to normal (black text on light grey background) for a while, but the issue keeps coming back.

    Same issue Modern (Universal) Apps from the Store - in LINE messenger, the text entry box at the bottom of the chat window is unreadable black text on dark grey background... and at some point, the other messages above it start looking the same.

    I have been searching the forums and the web for this problem, and I can't find any mention of it. I also can't seem to address the issue through the Themes setting of Windows 10. Has anyone else come across this bug; can anyone point to the culprit?
    12-01-2015 12:57 PM

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