1. manueljenkin's Avatar
    I am looking to get the surface book i5 or i7 both with 8Gb RAM 256Gb SSD and dedicated GPU. I know that from a performance stand point, i7 has slightly more oomph than i5 just because of clock speeds (I don't see any cache difference there) I wish to know if there are any other differences ( like in the surface pro 4, i7 version has a better calibrated display than i5 it seems ). And about the SSD sourcing.. Is it a random lot for both i7 and i5 or is it that the i7 gets the better Toshiba one?I'm now quite concerned about this. How much is the tablet mode battery life on i7 vs i5?

    Btw, the i5 with dgpu also comes with a 65W charger and not a 36w one right? If the i7 is not so much over an i5 I feel that I can put that 200$ on ms compete protection!!.

    I also wish to know what hardware defects I should check for once I get it. I'll be doing a display bleed test in a dark room, and use crystalmark to find out which SSD it came with(what read speeds should I expect for Toshiba one). Is there any other things that I should check for.. And are there things that look finicky but nothing to be panicked about (like very minor light bleed during startup)?I'm not concerned much about software bugs.
    01-10-2016 09:02 PM
  2. kancherlapraneeth's Avatar
    I think only processor is the difference.
    01-14-2016 03:20 PM

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