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  1. anon(5818411)'s Avatar
    i5, 256gb, 8gb, nvidia model

    This is my dream laptop for school, people are wowed about what i do in class. It's literally the best laptop available for school. Surface pen/detached screen is being used daily

    So originally, I had the compressed memory issue along with a couple others. I fixed it by messing around with random settings that i found on the internet (sorry not tech savy)
    So this problem got fixed, great

    My memory says it's at 50% even though it's only using 1.5gb
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    Youtube/any video stream on chrome is killing my cpu and memory, my fan goes crazy. My girlfriend was streaming a show and my laptop crashed on her.

    I have an ASUS UX303LA ultrabook almost the same specs and I have never run into this issue. My fan has never had to turn on for a youtube video. Should I be taking it to the MS store to see what they think or what?
    10-11-2016 11:22 PM
  2. ytrewq's Avatar
    You messed around with random settings, and now the fan comes on?
    Maybe you need to un-mess the settings?
    If you can't remember what settings you messed with, make sure your data is backed up to the cloud and try a reset.
    10-12-2016 12:46 AM
  3. anon(5818411)'s Avatar
    along with compressed memory fans were always the issue.
    i think i might do that, but i'm scared the shared memory will take up all my resources though

    Can you tell me why my system thinks 1.5gb of ram being used is half of my 8gb stick?

    I love the features on this thing: hello, good keyboard, good mouse, surface pen, brightness and tablet but if these issues exist still i'm going to have to sell this thing. :(

    I'm not sure why MS' OWN laptop is the most buggiest laptop i've ever had. I've never had a ram/cpu issue on any single computer running win xp, vista, 7, 8 and 10. I have been using windows for 15+ years...
    (bit of over exaggeration, since I don't really remember that far back but as far as i remember I have never had a CPU/Memory issue on my laptops/ultrabooks and desktops)
    I've had multiple win10 laptops/pcs already as well.
    Last edited by khehl; 10-12-2016 at 09:38 AM.
    10-12-2016 09:06 AM
  4. anon(5818411)'s Avatar
    Picture 1 : Well my CPU was at 100% and memory was at 87% before this picture was taken. Fan was on overdrive during that period.
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    Picture 2 :Right after i stopped the youtube video the fan stopped and the CPU and Memory dropped dramatically

    My memory consumption (RAM) has never dropped below 50% in Task Manager, even though sometimes when adding up all processes, i'm actually using less than a gb. I have not restored any backups from previous computers, this is a fully clean install. With files getting dropped in via USB, downloading programs and starting from scratch.

    Sidenote: is there a better chrome version that just has adblock. Chrome used up a lot of resources even after a fresh install no adblock.
    After adblock i deleted it for uBlock since it uses less resources and it's the same thing. I have always used adblock but since this PC somehow has CPU/Memory issues even with it beings a bit better than my UX303LA.

    I have just noticed that there is no Nvidia driver since last update, I can't even find it in control panel. I had this issues with my UX303LA but with my mouse driver (kept crashing after updates), so i had to download the "Smart Gesture" program from ASUS' site and uninstall it then reinstall it. UX303LA and other ASUS ultrabooks have this same issue, well known issue. It was fine when on win8. Smart Gesture + Win10 do not mix well and I couldn't find a way to put MS' mouse driver on, if that was even possible

    Anyway, back onto surfacebook
    This memory and CPU usage for the ultrabook also is a wide known issue.
    ASUS UX303LA (AS) vs Surfacebook (MS) specs (running the exact same version of Chrome and Win10 OS)
    (AS) 4th gen Intel Core™ i5 4210U Processor vs (MS) 6th Intel Skylake dual-core processor: i5-6300U
    Head-to-head: http://ark.intel.com/compare/81016,88190
    6th gen better performance? http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/...124.1476291741
    Supposively: the 6th gen uses less power, faster and better at multitasking and everything else really, better networking
    Conclusion: SB terrible at youtube videos on chrome, fan never goes off in ASUS when streaming video

    (AS) 1600 4x Hynix h5TQ2G83CFR 2 Gb DDR3 SDRAM vs (MS) Samsung K4E6E304EE-EGCF 8 Gb LPDDR3 1867 MHz SDRAM (LPDDR3)
    Supposively: same performance but the LPDDR3 (smaller) gives off less heat, LPDDR3 is a bit faster
    Real life conclusion: Conclusion, my MS SB has worse performance and runs hotter than the UX303LA running the exact same OS.

    SSD Drive
    (AS) 128GB sandisk SD6SB1M128G1002 vs (MS) 256 NVMe Samsung MZGLV256
    Supossively the samsung in the MS crushes the sandisk in the ASUS. Better the SSD is "supposively" to give better CPU performance and networking (related to my video streaming issue)
    Real life conclusion: my CPU maxes out after streaming videos.

    Surfacebook also has 1gb of vRam when the UX303LA doesn't have any. My vram is SUPPOSE to give less stress on my CPU for gaming/video activities

    Am I on crack or is this just plain messed up?
    My ASUS UX303LA out performs my SB in real life testing.
    This is the first computer that i'm actually thinking of using a difference browser for.
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    10-12-2016 12:22 PM
  5. ytrewq's Avatar
    There are widespread stories of Chrome chewing up memory and CPU on all kinds of devices, not just the SB. However, you do seem to be having a particularly bad experience.

    Before we blame the Surface Book completely, though, can you tell us what CPU/memory usage you get when you watch the same YouTube videos with the same other tabs open on Edge and IE instead of Chrome? If you're getting the same problem regardless of browser, then that's starting to look a lot like a problem with the SB or OS. But if Chrome is the only browser causing these problems, then there's something funny going on with the way Chrome interacts with your device. If reinstalling Chrome doesn't fix that, then it's a good thing there are many good browsers available!
    10-12-2016 07:34 PM
  6. orlbuckeye's Avatar
    Google is trying to fix the ongoing issue of using large amount of memory in their next release.
    10-13-2016 10:34 AM
  7. rdockrey's Avatar
    Did you go into the Nvidia control panel applet and set it to default to the Invidia video card? It defaults to the Intel video card and will cause that issue. This is a very common issue. Doing this will also help the memory issue.
    10-13-2016 12:20 PM
  8. scottbiggs32's Avatar
    Probably you can try a “chkdsk” or “disk defrag” on your ultrabook. If things go out of hand, then consult with someone in MS store.
    10-25-2016 05:30 AM

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