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    There are updated models of Surface Book out there (the new Power Base), so there is likely a new wave of people buying the best laptop there is - myself included. So share with me (and everyone ), what accessories are you using with your Surface Book?

    I'm using these:

    This case just arrived today, and it looks so sweet. It does add a few millimeters of bulk to the Surface Book, but wow, it looks great, and offers some very basic protection. It is a very tight fit on both the PC and the Power Base, and because of how it fits, I expect that it will be just as tight on the standard base. It separates nicely so that you can take off the tablet from the keyboard, and you can even flip it around and use it in the attached tablet mode. In this configuration, it does add a couple mm between the keyboard and the screen back, though, so the magnets don't hold it "closed", and there is a little bounce to it, but it does not appear to me to stress the hinge.

    I was using the Outback Solo from WaterField as the case for my Surface Pro 3. With the SB, obviously that wouldn't fit in it, and honestly, while I loved the Outback Solo, I did often wish there were just a little bit more room in the bag, so I could carry the power brick. I picked this bag up about 4 weeks ago now, and I love it. The canvas obviously isn't as heavy as the Outback Solo, and it isn't waxed, so it's not going to be as durable, but the bag is nice. There is room for my Surface Book and other things, including my reading glasses (which I'm using more and more often these days), and yes, the power brick. The bag itself is lightweight, and I like the single sling strap backpack style that it is. It is easy to throw over one shoulder, or if I want more security, wear it as intended across my chest/back.

    There are two drawbacks to it. One is that the decorative buckles rattle while going down the road. The other is that inside the pocket where the PC goes, there is a zipper, and it is metal. It was rubbing on the SB, so within a day I had cut off the metal zipper pull, and used some small cord to wrap around the zipper and tie off to make a new zipper pull. No more evil scratchy sound against my PC. You can see a picture of what I did in my review on Amazon.

    Of course I'm using the Surface model of the Arc Touch Mouse, and the Surface Dock. In my bag I also carry a 3-in-1 adapter for Mini-DP to HDMI/DVI/VGA, and a four port USB hub. I also carry a pen from my old Surface Pro 3 (which died) in the bag, and leave the pen that came with the SB on my desk at home. Oh - and for at home, I picked up the new Ergonomic Surface Keyboard - that thing is a dream to type on.

    So tell me - what are you using with your SB?
    11-30-2016 12:14 AM
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    New owner as well loving the links, may get some of those items for Christmas!

    I enjoy skins over my devices and using this on my Surface Book:

    Looking to get the Microsoft Wireless display adapter as well.
    11-30-2016 01:35 PM
  3. orlbuckeye's Avatar
    I have the Wireless Display Adapter which when I first bought was a pain to connect as you would have to try a few times but last firmware made it connect alot easier.
    12-09-2016 02:04 PM
  4. hopmedic's Avatar
    New owner as well loving the links, may get some of those items for Christmas!

    I enjoy skins over my devices and using this on my Surface Book:

    Looking to get the Microsoft Wireless display adapter as well.
    I am not sure how I feel about skins. After more than a week, I do like this leather case that I got for my SB, though I have to admit it does add a little weight and bulk. Since I switched to a sling, though, it's not that noticeable.

    Pro-tip: When sharing a link to an Amazon product, you can make the link a lot neater by knocking off all the extraneous stuff that they use to tell how you got there, and only include what gets you there (what I bolded above).
    12-09-2016 04:07 PM

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