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    I need to get a replacement power supply for my Surface Book dock but I'm having difficulty finding a replacement.

    It would be great to a find a suitable reasonably priced 3rd party power supply... I bought this T-Power power supply on Amazon which fit but my SB did not charge when I used it, so I had to return it.

    Now I'm trying to find another option. I've found many power supplies which match the voltage requirements but it is usually unclear if the barrel connector will fit... does anybody know the name of the type of connector used?

    I also wonder if this power supply on ebay would work... is 1749 the correct model for the Surface Book Dock? It seems to me that the T-Power power supply which I mention above also said it was a 1749 replacement but it did not work.

    Thanks for your help...
    12-18-2016 12:07 AM

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