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    I was all ready to buy a surface book PB when it eventually (if ever) comes out in the UK......mainly for Photoshop and digital art production. However during the couple of months wait (still ongoing) I discovered the Wacom mobile studio pro 16 that I had somehow missed as an initial option! I have ordered the Wacom over the PB for several reasons, these being: the Wacom device is now actually comperable in price since MS put their prices up recently in the UK. The Wacom has a better more pen & paper like feel about the pen & screen interface, mainly due to the screen surface. The Wacom has a much more powerful discreet GPU and double the vram of the SBPB. The Wacom i7 processor is a higher powered faster mobile variant than the PB version. The Wacom has a 15.5" 4K screen, and the Wacom has better pen technology (certainly for slow straight lines and tilt) than the PB. The Wacom has a 3D camera and 1 years software licence. Lastly the Wacom is here in the UK and the SBPB isn't :(
    That's my take anyway, So it's goodbye from me to MS hardware, never having actually owned any, and a happy reflection on waiting and researching just that little bit longer before making a jump. I just hope I get a good one ! I would have also considered the Viao canvass z but that is not available in the UK.
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